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SUPPORT PROTECT THE WOLVES   In 2011, the owner of Protect the Wolves began advocating online for the safety of not only wolves, but of all animals. Unfortunately, her current leased property is small. Due to the lease and the small size of the acreage she cannot expand in the current location. She wishes to expand so that she can provide sanctuary for many wolves, wolf dogs, wolf-hybrids, and other rescued animals.

2014 was a terrible year for the wolves. In Idaho and Montana alone hundreds of gray wolves were slaughtered and maimed in cruel traps during hunting season. Hunters and trappers have killed over 2500 gray wolves in the lower 48 states since they were removed from the endangered species list in 2011. For over 40 years, the Gray Wolf was a protected species under the Endangered Species Act; but, this protection was removed by legislative rider in 2011.

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Profanity Peak Pack

A pack of endangered wolves in eastern Washington state is being hunted down for preying on a local rancher’s cattle. While conservation groups are backing the lethal measure, some officials say that it’s the rancher’s fault for not taking steps to protect his herd.

Bill McIrvine‘s Diamond M ranch claimed 17 lost cattle this year due to predation by the so-called Wedge wolf pack. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife concluded the pack of eight animals had become too dependent on cattle and had to be destroyed, NBC News reports. So far, at least two of the animals have been killed.

Conservation Northwest, an environmental consultant working on the state’s wolf conservation plan, concurs. But Mitch Friedman, a spokesman for the organization, told KING that McIrvine “has total responsibility for the problem.”

Friedman said McIrvine refused to participate in non-lethal control measures that other area ranchers agreed to, including a range riding program that other ranchers support. Although McIrvine’s herd runs on leased national forest land near the Canadian border, his attitude toward government measures has presented an obstacle to cooperation.

In July, McIrvine told NBC Seattle that he believes ranchers have a right to defend their property from wolves, and that groups with a “radical environmental agenda” are conspiring against ranchers to re-introduce wolves to the state. Additionally, he said that the wildlife department is a “rogue government agency” that supports that agenda.

However, McIrvine, like other area ranchers, leases publicly owned national forest land for his herd, meaning that his livelihood is dependent on a notable achievement of resource conservation and environmentalism.

By the 1930s, gray wolves had been all but extirpated from Washington, though they continued to live to in Idaho, Oregon and British Columbia. Wolf numbers have grown due to reintroduction efforts, but conservation sometimes demands that some animals are culled, particularly when they come to rely on cattle as a food source.

Unfortunately, relocating the animals isn’t an option once that happens, since the wolves roam a large area and will seek out cattle.

“The concept of killing an endangered species to promote recovery is difficult to understand or accept,” Dave Ware, a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesman, told NBC News.

Reactions in the environmental blogosphere have reflected that difficulty, with some calling for a boycott of Washington productsand other measures in hopes of appealing what is being called a “death sentence” for the wolves.

According to a WDFW press release, non-lethal measures are supported by the Cattlemen’s Association, and the organization encourages ranchers to work with the wildlife department. However, if ranchers start to follow McIrvine’s lead, Ware warned, the endangered wolves will continue to be at risk.

Source: Bill McIrvine, Rancher Blamed For Wolf Pack Death, Cites ‘Radical Environmental Agenda’ For Losses

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Still, killing any members of a species that once came so close to extinction does not sit well with everyone. Roger Dobson, a Cowlitz tribal elder with Protect The Wolves, a group that advocates for the animals, sent a cease and desist letter to Mortarello demanding the wolves be spared. In the letter, Dobson alleged that the owner of the livestock had been careless with his animals.

“This particular rancher is a proven repeat offender of placing his livestock in harm’s way for the last three years,” Dobson write in the letter. “It is not the fault of our sacred animals, they did not ask to have their home range invaded by careless livestock owners.”

Mortarello did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the letter and the actions of the livestock owner.

A joint statement issued by Wolf Haven International, the Humane Society of the United States, Defenders of Wildlife and Conservation Northwest called the removal of the wolves “regrettable,” but noted that the decision had been made by Washington State’s Wolf Advisory Group, which represents stakeholders from both the ranching community and wolf conservation advocates.

“We remain steadfast that our important goals remain the long-term recovery and public acceptance of wolves in our state alongside thriving rural communities,” the statement read. “In the meantime, we ask our community and the citizens of Washington State and beyond to engage in respectful and civil dialogue as we work through these challenging events.”


Source: Entire Washington wolf pack to be killed after attacks on cattle |

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Protect The Wolves® SHOWS WDFW Failed To ACT



Here is a Copy of the

Cease and Desist

Letter that we were Instructed to Serve WDFW with by Various Tribal Elders, Officials. WDFW is Violating Our Native American Religious Treaty Rights. We hope to get a Favorable Response!

We have re-emailed our Cease and Desist Letter from a Gmail Address, in case Our Server IP Address was Blocked! We have also added a Failure to Act to letter that began July 19th 2016. Had they contacted us then. Unnecessary Lethal Actions could have been Prevented!
from: Two wolves <[email protected]>
to: [email protected],
[email protected]” <[email protected]>,
[email protected]
We have been contacted by Additional Elders and 1 additional Tribal Judge… All have advised us to submit this letter.
Cease and Desist
Letter that we were Instructed to Serve WDFW with by Various Tribal Elders, Officials. WDFW is Violating Our Native American Religious Treaty Rights.
to director, newstips, donny.martorel., bcc: Jerry, bcc: roger
Donny Martorello, Wolf Policy Head 08/21/16
James Unsworth Director WDFW,
Governor Inslee Washington State,
Senator John McCoy Washington State,
Protect The Wolves® A Native American Religious Group, Demands that you CEASE and DESIST all methods of removing said Profanity Peak Pack, while you investigate Information we have already provided Donny Martorello Wolf Policy Head for WDFW through our 90 Minute Phone Conversation.
WDFW is Violating Native American Tribal Religious Treaty Rights by removing our Sacred Animals By Lethal Means. WDFW has failed to Act since July 19th, 2016 When Protect The Wolves, Left a Voice mail with your Secretary. WDFW could have avoided Killing the Profanity Peak Breeding Female, and 1 Additional Female. WDFW is Derelict in their Duties when presented a Viable option as an Alternative to their Lethal Actions.
Wolves are but 1 of our Sacred Religious animals, that we also apply to Grizzly Bears, Bison, Eagles to name a few of them.
Protect The Wolves® has been contacted by additional Tribal Judges, Protect The Wolves® has been Contacted By Tribal Elders who are also Federally Enrolled Tribal Members, as well as Non Enrolled Tribal Members, also a Previous Vice Chair ABA Animal Law Committee. Who also specializes in Native American matters & issues before the Tribal Court Systems including Criminal, Civil, and ICWA. Strengthening Tribal Sovereignty.
Cease and Desist all Lethal Removal Actions, Or we will be forced to take Action with the Help of Said Tribal Leaders, and have an Injunction Filed based on your Violation of Our Native American Religious Tribal Treaty Rights. Your Immediate Attention in This Matter is appreciated.
Protect The Wolves® can be reached at 406-219-8690 For Media Inquiries Regarding this Direct Violation of Our Native American Religious Treaty Rights.
In the Interest of Our Sacred Animals, Your Immediate Attention in This Matter is appreciated.
Protect The Wolves® can be reached at 406-219-8690 For Media Inquiries Regarding this Violation of Our Native American Religious Treaty Rights.
Protect The Wolves®
Patricia H President
Roger D Director of Grants Media Relations, Cowlitz Tribal Elder.
[email protected]
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