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Protect The Wolves ™ A Native American Voice for Wolves

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2011- 2017 were terrible years for the wolves. In Idaho and Montana alone hundreds of gray wolves were slaughtered and maimed in cruel traps during hunting season. Hunters and trappers have killed over 4000 gray wolves in the lower 48 states since they were removed from the endangered species list in 2011. For over 40 years, the Gray Wolf was a protected species under the Endangered Species Act; but, this protection was removed by legislative rider in 2011. Wolves are facing imminent extinction, at the hands of government Officials, that continually err on the side of Money instead of a Healthy Environment.

Help us stop wolf slaughter and protect the wolves™. We are seeking your assistance to help  Grow Our Native American 501c3 Religious Voice, with your loving support, it will become an unstoppable Voice. You can Help us end wolf slaughter by becoming a Member/Supporter with a one-time gift as small as $5.00 or become a steadfast Supporter with a monthly contribution that will ultimately enable our voice to become the voice that our wildlife need in today’s society..

Our Solid Foundation has begun by acquiring Tribal Endorsements, which we are succeeding in doing. No Large Org has this capability according to what they tell us.


 Our mission statement uses not only Education but outspoken advocacy for wolves across North America, while using our Native American Religious Treaty Rights,  including all foreign countries, by providing necessary education regarding our keystone species, which not only includes Wolves, but Grizzlies, Bison, and Wild Horses just to name a few.

Education, for one is important, We will always encourage civil and intelligent debate and discourage attacks on anyone who has a different opinion or lifestyle. We are not interested in running an advocacy group that attacks hunters and trappers on a personal level. School groups will be invited to tours, lectures, and special events at the educational animal facility with wolves (which are all smart, misunderstood animals who are often killed as vermin). We are working towards following goals, as set forth , which can be edited or added to at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Our reach is all of North America, and our home base here in the Northwest. Here are some of our goals:

  • Educate the masses on the destruction to our Wildlife’s environment by problems such as Cattle, Greenhouse Gases, that not only effect Mother Earths Atmosphere that not only introduce unwanted species of grasses, but also include the destruction of our wildlife’s water supplies.
  • Make Primary the use of our give “Native American Religious Treaty Rights”
  • Make poisoning wildlife illegal across North America. (Poisoned animals tend to bleed to death, slowly and in pain, and the poison leaches back into the ecosystem.) Ban hounding.
  • Encourage the banning, and outlawing the use of traps and that of snares.
  • Institute policies to try all non-lethal options first and foremost in wolf and coyote management, while also encouraging the requirement of a list non-lethal deterrent methods to maintain a grazing allotment, or otherwise gets terminated.
  • Emphasize safe travel for wildlife, including setting traffic speed limits in certain areas, putting up more wildlife crossing signs, and encouraging the building of wildlife corridors for animals to migrate or disperse without becoming roadkill.
  • Educate municipalities as well as the masses about wolves, grizzlies, coyotes, coywolves, and hybrids, which will include promoting the highest quality media articles, calling out poorly written or nonfactual pieces, giving lectures or presentations, distributing pamphlets and other media, and encouraging activities like wildlife watching and nature retreats.
  • Help to establish hunting-free buffer zones around all National Parks. If certain parks or wilderness areas disallow hunting, those areas could be promoted as wildlife watching areas, which would help the economy in the form of tourist dollars.
  • Wildlife photography is lucrative for any local economy. Wild spaces also have value in and of themselves for their ability to restore health and peace of mind not only for humans but wildlife as well. How often do stressed city-dwellers get to observe the complex interplay of wild species in large areas of natural habitat?

As mentioned before, We hope to accomplish these goals without the attitude you typically see from advocacy groups, that are targeted personally toward their targets: hunters, trappers, and farmers. Our mode of peaceful coexistence also incorporates the Native American Circle of Life element. Just because we promote education without attitude, does not mean that we approve of their practices. Protect The Wolves® Patricia and Roger

Please Help to not only Support Protect the Wolves™ in this vision, but become part of this Vision as if it was your Vision! None of us have the necessary funding to make this happen on our own. But Together we can make an Impact in the lives of Wolves as well as People . All supporters will be invited to participate in all of her programs, either online, or at The Sanctuary. Please Help Protect the Wolves™ vision to not only keep these animals safe, but to educate the public on their need! Help us make certain that these amazing animals are available for our children’s children to see, thereby insuring that they retain their important role in the circle of life.