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Trophy hunting may be linked to serial murder, small male genitalia

Ok, I really couldn't add the correct Image here.... Two assertions long made regarding both trophy hunting and serial killing may have now been shown by science to indeed be related; DMGDS (Diminutive Male Genitalia Disorder Syndrome) and the serial murderers addiction to killing – no matter if the victims are human or non-humans.The recent war on wolves in the American west, and the rabid, frightening intensity with which so-called ‘sportsmen’ are frothing at the mouth and swarming into the wilderness to blast, arrow, trap, poison and snare grey wolves and other essential predators, illustrates this graphically.Given an EXCUSE to legally kill wolves [...]

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Gray wolves in Wyoming return to Endangered Species list

Gray wolves in Wyoming return to Endangered Species list According to national reports, federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson has kept her ruling and ordered the gray wolf back on the endangered species list, despite Wyoming's attempts to maintain their current status. This order will throw out Wyoming's proposed management plan, reports OIL CITY NEWS. Some areas will be unaffected by the re-listing of the wolves, including Montana, Idaho, eastern Washington and Oregon, which will be under the guise of state agencies, according to national reports. Wolves have been off the endangered species list since 2012, meaning in Wyoming they cannot [...]

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Feds restore protected status for Great Lakes wolves

Gray wolves in the western Great Lakes region are protected by federal law once more. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is publishing a rule Friday designating wolves in Michigan and Wisconsin as "endangered" and those in Minnesota as "threatened." The rule complies with a federal judge's order in December that overruled the agency's earlier decision to revoke wolves' protected status and hand management authority to the states. via Feds restore protected status for Great Lakes wolves | Minnesota Public Radio News.

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Notice: Roger Dobson Has been Our Webmaster on Protect The Wolves, Friends of The Wolf, as well as our domain names, and for over 5 years. He has given us every tool he has available in order to help us to be a bigger Voice about Wolves.

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