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Wolves and livestock can live in harmony | The Sacramento Bee

By 1924, wolves in California had been completely driven from the lands that they called home for centuries – hunted, trapped and slaughtered to near-extinction. Now it looks like wolves are finally making their way back home to the Golden State where they belong. California is graced with rich areas of suitable habitat that can and will support a healthy wolf population, and wolves clearly want to return. Pamela Flick Having trekked last summer in a remote part of Siskiyou County where the now-famous wolf OR-7 traversed – and where officials announced last week a second gray wolf was spotted – I [...]

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Conservationists declare victory as Idaho halts controversial wolf kill

Conservationists declare victory as Idaho halts controversial wolf kill SALMON, IDAHO | BY LAURA ZUCKERMAN Conservationists declared victory on Wednesday in a legal battle over Idaho's systematic killing of wolves in a national wilderness area after the state notified federal land managers it did not intend to reinstate a controversial kill program. The state Department of Fish and Game hired a hunter in 2013 to trap and kill wolves in the central Idaho mountains near Salmon in response to complaints from sportsmen who said wolves in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness – a federally protected area known as the [...]

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Contentious wolf hunt to resume Monday near Alaska’s Denali National Park and Preserve

  Wolf hunt to resume Monday near Alaska's Denali National Park Laurel Andrews August 9, 2015 Bob Hallinen Wolf hunting will resume Monday on state lands northeast of Denali National Park and Preserve amid calls by conservationist groups to reinstate the long-disputed “wolf buffer” near the park. In mid-May, Alaska Department of Fish and Game Commissioner Sam Cotten had closed the corridor outside the park to wolf hunting two weeks before the end of the season after two wolves were shot legally near the Stampede Trail. RELATED: As wolf hunt near Denali looms, state rejects calls for another emergency ban Denali National Park [...]

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Is the “new” Norwegian wolf really wild?

Loved and hated. Admired and feared. Almost wiped out and now restored. Wolves have a long and varied history in Norway and trigger strong feelings on both sides of the issue. Norway is currently home to about 30 wolves, and about 50 wolves migrate between Norway and Sweden. The Norwegian wolves are primarily restricted to a "wolf zone" that extends from Rendalen in the north to Aremark in the south, and includes Oslo, Bærum and Hvaler. Wolves that establish themselves outside this wolf zone are usually killed. The 30 Norwegian wolves in Norway are allowed to raise three litters a year. In [...]

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