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Trophy Hunting Provisions Lard Up Trojan Horse Bill in Congress · A Humane Nation

We Need to Outlaw legislation riders.... that sneak in on another bill... If they cant get approved on their own... Its not very Democratic!! Trophy Hunting Provisions Lard Up Trojan Horse Bill in Congress   The so-called Sportsmen’s Act in Congress was always a misnomer. The bill provides a small class of trophy hunters free rein to kill native carnivores or bring their body parts into the United States without delivering anything practical or meaningful for rank-and-file hunters and fishermen. Yesterday, this bad bill became an atrocious one after proponents larded on a series of destructive amendments during a key committee [...]

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 Sarah Palin on Animal Rights 

  Not the sort of person Animals want in Office......  Even animals have more common sense than this bimbo..... Andrew Kirschner (AK): What do you think of the word “vegan”? Sarah Palin (SP): Refudiate, misunderestimate, wee-wee’d up. English is a living language. Shakespeare liked to coin new words too. Got to celebrate it! AK: It’s actually not a new word. It has been around for decades. Polls show an increasing number of people are turning to plant-based food for ethical, environmental, and health reasons.  SP: Polls? Nah…they’re for strippers and cross-country skiers. AK: The courts have rejected and overturned recent [...]

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State experts eye westward wolf migration | Snovalley Local News |

For the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, the local ecosystem is a fragile balance of prey and predator. A single factor could change all of that in the next few years, an expert says. Wolf management has long since been a contentious topic for farmers, hunters and environmentalists, and while most wolves reside in the states of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, Washington’s eastern population of the carnivores is growing, and spreading, to the western part of the state. Wolves are federally protected, but the state is currently working towards the conservation goals that could get them de-listed in [...]

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