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Wolves are already headed for Colorado -Let’s make it official

So who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf? Hunters who see fewer elk, ranchers worried about their cattle, and sheep men forced to adopt new herding techniques. I’m a big game hunter. Why would I promote more competition for the cow elk I like to shoot? Because I believe in intact ecosystems. I believe hard science trumps superstition and false facts. It’s been over a decade since the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission convened its Wolf Working Group. It’s time for a new working group to convene and for wolf education sessions to start as well. The latter were a [...]

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Yellowstone: A Wild Place of Perpetual Discovery | Latest News | Earth Island Journal | Earth Island Institute

Yellowstone: A Wild Place of Perpetual Discovery BY JOHN SOLTES – FEBRUARY 24, 2016 Wolves draw visitors to national park in cold winter months Yellowstone National Park, established in 1872 as America’s first national park, welcomed more than 4 million visitors in 2015, a number that has steadily grown in recent years. The home of free-ranging bison, elk, wolves, bears, and bighorn sheep, among other iconic fauna, is firmly on the radar screen of many travelers heading to the northwestern section of Wyoming and nearby Montana and Idaho for summer vacation. During the winter months, when the grizzly bears and [...]

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Wolves can’t peacefully co-exist with ranchers: Rancher Says

wolf, protect wildlife It is troublemakers like Milo Johnson in Redding California that seem to need to learn the truth about wolves, They need to be able to look at factual numbers and Realize that Wolves are their smallest Problem! Pamela Flick of Defenders of Wildlife painted a rosy picture of Northern California inviting wolves to peacefully coexist with our game animals, livestock, pets and children. She states that the problem of livestock predation can be adequately addressed by using "range riders" and specialized fencing. She makes no mention of the cost for these measures. By her thinking, [...]

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Are they still afraid of the big bad wolf in Finland? | Patrick Barkham | Opinion | The Guardian

The animals are being slaughtered – yet other European nations are able to live alongside lupines. It seems hunters don’t want to give up their total control of the countryside There’s been a massacre in Finland. The country, which from afar looks to epitomise sustainable living, has slaughtered a third of its wolves this winter. Seventy-five wolves have been killed since the end of August: 43 in a government-sanctioned cull, and most of the rest under a licence system that allows “problem” wolves – those repeatedly found in villages or menacing farm livestock – to be shot dead. Finland approves [...]

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