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Protect The Wolves® on KREM 2 at 11 tonight hopefully.

Picture for KREM2 As each Day passes, we hope  to Gain More Media Support ;) Today we focused more on the fact that WDFW is Discriminating against our Native American Rights guaranteed us under Treaty rights which include Sacred Animals, wildlife guaranteed under The Public Trust Doctrine..   Whereas such laws were designed for such worthwhile purposes as conservation and preservation of natural species and resources. Stay Tuned to KREM 2 tonight at 11. We just spent a half hour on the phone with Bre Clark, she says it airs tonight at 11... I know I am going [...]

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Wolf near Jackson killed, 3 more targeted for killing cows 

JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) - One wolf from a pack that recently attacked cows to eat them on private land near Grand Teton National Park has been killed and three more have been targeted to be killed, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said. The wolves have killed two adult cows and injured four calves over the last week, said Mike Foster, the Wyoming director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in a report published Tuesday by The Jackson Hole News and Guide ( ). One calf had to be put down because of its injuries. “It became clear that we [...]

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Pinnacle wolves marked for death in Wyoming

Wyoming now... we have to work harder, gain National Attention A wolf pack that’s been maiming and killing calves and full-grown cattle about 4 miles north of Jackson is in the crosshairs of federal wildlife managers. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials have authorized the removal of four wolves from a pack that has localized on private land south of Grand Teton National Park. Over the weekend one of the lobos was caught in a leghold trap and killed, and other traps and calling and shooting techniques will be used to try to dispatch three more animals, said Tyler Abbott, [...]

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Research finds lethal wolf control backfires on livestock 

Thank you Rob Wielgus for your phone call! PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University researchers have found that it is counter-productive to kill wolves to keep them from preying on livestock. Shooting and trapping lead to more dead sheep and cattle the following year, not fewer. Writing in the journal PLOS ONE, WSU wildlife biologist Rob Wielgus and data analyst Kaylie Peebles say that, for each wolf killed, the odds of more livestock depredations increase significantly. See the paper at The trend continues until 25 percent of the wolves in an area are killed. Ranchers and wildlife managers then see [...]

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