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Montana politicians are asking Congress to delist grizzly bears

Grizzly bears are the ultimate symbol of the wild, and their 40-year comeback is a powerful conservation success story. But right now, Montana politicians are asking Congress to delist grizzly bears. It’s unacceptable that these elected officials are interfering in decisions that should be based on public input and science. Local politicians have no business or authority to interfere with decisions about legal protections for bears. And it’s unacceptable that Montana politicians are spending their time on political stunts like this, rather than doing their job to help the people of Montana. Here’s how you can help: ·        Click here [...]

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ENDANGERED SPECIES: GOP senators reintroduce bills cracking down on lawsuits, wolf policy 

Republican senators are supporting a series of bills that would make it harder for the Fish and Wildlife Service to resolve Endangered Species Act lawsuits and would force the agency to provide more information on proposed protections for Mexican wolves. Two of the three ESA bills introduced Tuesday were from Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), the majority whip. The "Endangered Species Act Settlement Reform Act," S. 375, would require the Interior Department to provide public notification of when ESA suits, often from environmental groups, are filed and would set a lower standard for when outside groups, such as interested businesses, can [...]

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Idaho Fish and Game Humanizes Elk Herds by feeding 20,000 animals this winter

Basically All that Idaho Fish and Game has done is Humanize Elk, and other species with their Feeding. Idaho needs to wake up and realize they are hurting more than helping. TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) This winter prompted Idaho Fish and Game to spend more than $650,000 to feed big game, the most since 2003. With nearly 110 feed sites open and more being added daily, the animal to human interaction in cities and on roadways is coming to a head. “We are asking the public to be cautious and be mindful around concentrations of wildlife whether they're being fed [...]

SB 1027 trophy hunting Grizzly Today in Boise

Female Grizzly Eating Grass SB 1027 hearing Today in Boise Idaho there is a hearing on SB 1027 (trophy hunting Grizzly) East Wing Room 40 at 1:30 pm  in the lower level of the state Capitol Our Apologies for the Short Notice, it was emailed to us at 11 pm Lastnight. If anyone can attend please do so, and please let us Know we can send you a short Statement to be read from The Tribes.