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WDFW hires wolf consultant, who closes another meeting in 2015 perhaps one more in 2017

WDFW hires wolf consultant Francine Madden who closes a meeting for a Zoo and a Kids Group..... Protect The Wolves® asks Francine Madden, to Close another to hear from Us and Our Experts in 2017! We have to call into question the benefits of closing a meeting for the two it was closed for... A Zoo?? Well oh yes, I am certain they truly know how to show WDFW they are not following their mandates under the Indian and Public Trust Doctrine.  We highly doubt that they even knew of the conflicts and Violations that WDFW, USFS, and Washington Elected Officials have [...]

Livestock documented not far from Profanity Peak wolf den, researcher concludes |

Livestock killed by a wolf pack located at Profanity Peak in Ferry County, leading to lethal measures by the state to get rid of the wolves, were documented to be near the pack's den. That's according to a Washington State University researcher. But his findings may be creating a rift with the university. The killing of livestock last summer prompted the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in August to remove the wolf pack lethally -- a controversial decision that pitted ranchers against wolf advocates. But the effort to remove them was called off in October after the state had killed [...]

Video: Nevada’s lone wolf endures inhospitable terrain

Wolf seen on video won’t find suitable habitat in Silver State This video shared by the Nevada Department of Wildlife shows the first confirmed wolf sighting in Nevada since 1922. It was spotted in Nov., 2016 on Fox Mountain in Northern Washoe County.Nevada Department of Wildlife The first confirmed wolf to visit Nevada since 1922 caused a stir on social media but likely won’t find much of a life in the Silver State. The historical record shows Nevada is notoriously inhospitable terrain for wolves. And it suggests the state has little to no chance to ever become home range for [...]

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WSU sends followup email to WAG list

Published on: Mar 28, 2017 Protect The Wolves® asks WSU Dean Ron Mittelhammer why they would make an issue of this number 1,  why are they scared that the Truth is Coming out? Ron, we must say this does not look very Positive for WSU! We had to Chuckle.... They didnt bother to spell his name correctly. Number 2 : It Seems Ron, that the Evidence gathered by the money provided The Large Carnivore program  by WDFW not only covers the cost of sending the Facts.... not only to WDFW but also out to the Public! After all you did say [...]