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Dr. Rob Wielgus files complaint against WSU 

Just to bring everyone up to date, Dr Rob Wielgus emailed WDFW and requested 5 minuts at the March Wolf Advisory Group Meeting, WDFW emailed Wielgus back and said no and asked him to not even show up. Protect The Wolves™ sees amd has been pointing out this very issue that involves Dr Rob Wielgus since last August. WSU’s leading wolf expert Robert Wielgus filed a complaint today detailing harassment and threats from WSU administrators following his public statements about wolf killings in the fall. Wielgus is a WSU professor and director of the Large Carnivore Conservation Laboratory. Wielgus’ research [...]

Dr Wielgus Complaint

TO: Washington State University Faculty Status Committee Co-Chairs Robert Rosenman, Economic Sciences Greg Matthews Libraries   RE: Complaint of Academic Freedom Violations DATE: April 27, 2017 This complaint is submitted by Dr. Robert Wielgus, Professor and Director of the Large Carnivore Conservation Laboratory (“Lab”), through his undersigned counsel against the Washington State University (“WSU” or “University”) and President Kirk Schulz, as well as Dean Ron Mittelhammer and Associate Dean James Moyer of the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences (“College of Agriculture”).   Dr. Wielgus alleges that WSU has engaged in conduct that has restricted his academic freedom [...]

Legacy of decisions blamed for Bow Valley wolves’ demise 

The well-known Bow Valley wolf pack is down to two animals after one wandered hundreds of kilometres into British Columbia where it was shot by a hunter in March. The two-year-old male, known as 1502, had recently been fitted with a new GPS collar in Banff National Park on March 15. Days later he began a westward trek that ended near Arrow Lakes, B.C., on March 31. The hunter turned the collar in to conservation officials, but parks officials already suspected the worst as GPS data showed no movement. The Bow Valley pack, which once numbered as high as nine, [...]

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Wyoming Wolf Hunts to Start Again After US Court Decision 

Protect The Wolves™ has to question what sort of Judge thinks that Wyoming is capable of managing wolves after being busted for selling Banned Poisons?? CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Wyoming will hold a wolf hunt for the first time in four years this fall now that a federal court has lifted endangered species protection for wolves in the state, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department said Wednesday. Planning is now underway for the hunt in northwestern Wyoming, which will probably be similar to the state's last wolf hunting seasons in 2012 and 2013, officials said. In 2013, the department allowed hunters [...]

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