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Wolf captured in Skagit County and collared

5 range riders they say for this 1 Rancher? Update on Washington wolves Latest reports on key wolf activities. Conservation efforts, and management actions. June 16, 2017 Wolf captured in Skagit County; confirmed wolf depredation by Sherman Wolf Pack Wolf captured and collared in Skagit County On June 8, state and federal wildlife biologists captured an adult male gray wolf in eastern Skagit County. They took genetic samples from the animal and fitted it with a GPS tracking collar before releasing it onsite. This is the first gray wolf captured and collared in western Washington in modern times. The animal [...]

Ranchers will sue over wolf study- How long will we continue to allow this? 

  Protect The Wolves has to ask if people really want to stop this one-sided management? If So... Join us and help us put the Indian and Public Trust to work today saving wildlife! Special Interest groups like Ranchers need to be stopped before wolves are again wiped out! Wallowa County Chieftain The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association announced this week its intent to sue the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for its failure to complete an environmental study that would remove gray wolves from the endangered species list in the lower 48 states. Citing the agency’s lack of decision-making following the publication [...]

Feds trap and kill two grey wolves near Glyndon, Minn.

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KFGO) - Federal wildlife biologists confirm that two grey wolves were recently trapped and killed in an area outside their usual habitat near Glyndon, Minn. The wolves are suspected of killing several calves on a ranch between Glyndon and Hawley. Rancher Jeff Mortenson says since early April, at least five of his calves have been taken by wolves. Experts from the USDA’s Wildlife Services Division, a government agency that traps and kills nuisance wildlife, arrived at Mortenson’s ranch to verify his claims. “They looked around and verified that it was a wolf kill” Mortenson said. “They ended up [...]

Wolves, as readers of fairy tales know, have enduring reputations as big, bad predators.

Wolves, as readers of fairy tales know, have enduring reputations as big, bad predators. But a growing body of evidence shows that wolf diets can be diverse and extend beyond the big animals that they hunt down. In Alaska in particular, the studies say, many wolves dine on a daintier dish — salmon. Two recent studies focusing on coastal areas of Southwest Alaska fill in details about those food choices, quantifying the proportion of salmon in wolf diets in different locations and times of the year. One study, newly published in the Canadian Journal of Zoology, studied wolves in Lake Clark National [...]