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ODFW killed the fourth Harl Butte wolf

Wolf pup peering out of denKeywords: wolf, wildlife, stock Aug. 25, 2017 – Update on the Harl Butte Pack ODFW killed the fourth Harl Butte wolf, a non-breeding adult female, this morning (Aug. 25). A third wolf was killed on Aug. 17, also a non-breeding adult female. The pack is now believed to number six adult wolves plus at least three pups. ODFW will continue to monitor the situation to see if the removal of four wolves has been effective in limiting further wolf-livestock losses. Livestock producers will continue to use non-lethal deterrents including daily human presence, removal [...]

Now Cattlemen in Oregon Are Going to Kill Wolves from the Meacham Wolf Pack

PLEASE CALL GOVERNOR BROWN TODAY AT (503) 378-4582 and demand she refocus the Wildlife dept on protecting wildlife. The Wolf Conservation and Management Plan needs to be updated. Sample script provided at the very bottom. On Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017 State wildlife officials have authorized the killing of two wolves from the Meacham wolf pack in Eastern Oregon after confirming four attacks on livestock. In fact, this time the state has also authorized an area rancher to kill wolves on private property. The two wolves could be killed either by the permitted rancher or by state wildlife officials. The Meacham Pack was identified [...]

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Interior Department, key House Republicans maneuver to open National Park Service lands to killing grizzly bears, wolves

In April, President Trump signed a resolution, enabled by the Congressional Review Act and passed by Congress on a near party-line vote, that repealed a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) rule restricting particularly cruel and unsporting methods of killing grizzly bears, wolves, and other predators on national wildlife refuges in Alaska. There are now multiple indications that the Trump administration and some allies in Congress are gearing up to unwind a nearly identical rule, approved nearly two years ago, that restricts these appalling predator-killing practices on 20 million acres of National Park Service (NPS) lands in Alaska. Our humane community nationwide [...]

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Oregon’s responsibility for wolves: Letter to the editor 

WE will Speak out for you ! I wish that every one who reads this understands the importance behind what we do and why we fight for them. It's crucial that people come together and fight for a change. Don't just scroll by without reading articles. They contain crucial information, sometimes there are petitions attached, or names and numbers of people that you need to contact and voice your opinion and concerns. It's not just a picture this is REAL life conservation of our wildlife and public lands. And we need your support! BE A TRUE ADVOCATE! SPEAK [...]