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Managing wolves in Germany: A toothy job for tough ladies

With a Ban on Wolf Slaughter in Germany, Ranchers have added Electric Fence it appears. This type of Rancher is a good one.... One that doesnt cry wolf, but makes the necessary changes to his business much like any normal type of business has to or goes out of Business. Unlike Welfare Ranchers in the USA who would rather put their hand out for wolves or one reason or another. The Government here doesnt help construction businesses, or collision repair, or Restaurants... so how is it that Ranchers have become so government dependent? I have to add that not all [...]

32 Possible Park Wolves Slaughtered in Wyoming already

Wyoming Over WOLF SLAUGHTER Quota in 3 Zones ! What will it take for the Government to Realize that Wyoming has once again proven they are incapable of managing The Public's Federal Resources? YELLOWSTONE WOLVES ARE DYING At an Alarming Rate!!!! AS OF 10/27/2017 Will Wolves still be available for your Grandchildren to view in Yellowstone? What will you be able to Tell Your Children's Children? Did you Join The Movement ?  We asked for your support back in May to Help Yellowstone Wolves with our Sacred Resource Protection Zone…  Wolves being needlessly slaughtered, crying out for us to help them. Consider Joining Our [...]

Tensions rise because Rancher refused California Fish and Games offer of Assistance! 

Tensions rise on the range after wolf kills cow in California for the first time in a century because the Rancher Wally Roney refused any assistance from California Fish and Game. What sort of a Business person would refuse state offered assistance? Livestock owners need to use “common-sense” precautions if they know wolves are in the area! These include making sure the livestock stay together for protection. We now know that Livestock can be taught proper action when predators are close. In addition, ranchers must quickly dispose of the carcasses of livestock that die from other causes; otherwise those carcasses can act [...]

Federal agents set cyanide-ejecting traps despite accidents like Canyon and Casey Mansfield. 

  What would you expect to be told if you were the Parent of this Young Boy that could have life-long lasting effects? This is Your Taxpayer Funds in action! What do you intend to do about it? Join Protect The Wolves™ in this all out War on Not ONLY our Wildlife, but your Children! M-44 kills pet, exposes teenager to cyanide poisoning Mansfield, a 14-year-old high-schooler from Pocatello, Idaho, had been hiking up the hill behind his house for as long as he can remember. Canyon Mansfield and his 3-year-old Labrador Casey. Along a ridge at the top, within [...]