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He thought he saw a deer and fired his pistol. Now his neighbor is dead.

This beautiful lady is dead because the man who shot her thought she was a deer! How many deer walk on 2 legs ? This is scary, people can't go for a walk or a run because some idiot with a gun might think you are dinner! Wtf is wrong with this country ! Go to a gym run on a treadmill stay out of the country, the fresh air and nature or you may not live to see another day ? Wednesday was a typical afternoon but an exciting one — Thanksgiving was the next day, and Jamie Billquist and his wife, [...]

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Howl out for B.C Wolves!

Lend your voice to the 5 minute WeHowl Survey here>>>    WeHowl Survey We believe that BC's wolf kill program is unwarranted, inhumane and unethical. We need to know if you think so too.  Hundreds of wolves have been shot from helicopters in British Columbia since the province launched the cull in 2015 to protect declining caribou populations, which have been severely reduced due to HABITAT LOSS. Yet the B.C Government has allowed LOGGING, MINING, GAS AND OIL DEVELOPMENT.  This is what is destroying critical caribou habitat!  Since it takes hundreds of years to establish an adequate biomass of tree lichen to sustain mountain caribou populations, deforestation [...]

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Wolves Know How to Work Together – Why Can’t People

It is saddening that people do not come together for the preservation of our Wildlife the same way that Wolves have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt they are capable of working together as 1. Dogs have evolved to be friendly and tolerant of humans and one another, which might suggest they would be good at cooperative tasks. Wolves are known to cooperate in hunting and even in raising one another’s pups, but they can seem pretty intolerant of one another when they are snapping and growling around a kill. So researchers at the Wolf Science Center at the University of [...]

OSP investigating wolf poaching incident in Wallowa County 

Wallowa County has joined the late spate of illegal wolf killings. On Nov. 17, the Oregon State Police announced that OR-23, a collared wolf, was found shot in the Chesnimnus Springs area. The wolf was a breeding female and a member of the Shamrock Pack, formerly known as the Chesnimnus pack. Two wolves in the Klamath Falls area were recently killed, OR-25 and OR-33. The species is listed as endangered in the area. In late October, a hunter also killed a wolf in self-defense in Union County. OR-23 started as a member of the Ukiah Pack before dispersing to northern [...]