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Help us Protect The Wolve’s Position Grey wolves were once widespread Throught the mountain States. As an important part of the native fauna, We believe wolves should once again roam the places that they once inhabited. Reasons for Wolf Recovery Help Us Protect The Wolve’s believes there are several reasons-biological, ethical, and legal for fostering wolf recovery in the USA.

50 State Table: Conflict of Interest Definitions on Elected Officials

For Wolf Advisory Groups like that in Washington State amongst others. We have the research to begin putting a stop on Special Interest Participation in General as well as Under the Trusts. Members on Washingtons WAG have an Interest, a Financial Interest due to their own businesses, as such are violating Washington States RCWS. The Conflict of Interest is brought forward because they do not perform their position as mandated under the trusts for the General Public, only those that as he has stated have "skin in the game". These members are not only elected officials, but also have a [...]

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Protect The Wolves™ has submitted a FOIA Request for Lolo Wolf kill locations

Protect The Wolves™ has submitted a FOIA Request for the wolf kill locations in the Lolo Unit in Idaho. The way Idaho operates near or even for that matter in Wilderness areas with total disregard for Federal Law, they have proven beyond a doubt that they can not be trusted. In 2017, Idaho slaughtered 26,562 Elk, which tells a prudent Individual that there is not a shortage of Elk in Idaho. We find their reasoning for killing Wolves not based on Science nor Data.   Ten wolves taken in action that's been conducted in six of the last seven years [...]


YELLOWSTONE WOLVES, BISON, AND GRIZZLIES TARGETED Wyoming offends Native American Religious Beliefs calling Sacred Species “Vermin” Redding, California: Yellowstone Wolves, Bison, and Grizzlies need your help. Time is of the essence, every day more park Wolves, Bison, and Grizzlies are at risk of losing their lives to Greedy Elected Officials, Rancher pressure and Hunters. Wyoming is proposing the Slaughter of 24 Grizzlies, 12 of which are targeted at Yellowstone Grizzlies on its borders.  There are 6 nonresident Tags proposed, for Six Thousand dollars each, and 18 for Wyoming Hunters, at the cost of Six Hundred dollars each. Clearly, Wyoming has no business [...]

Wolf Advisory Group  Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Meetings

We have our Eye on Donny Martorello! Apparently for some unknown reason they are choosing to hold meetings in Eastern Wa. Agenda will be posted when available.  WAG meeting organization appears weak at best...... We reached out to the BIA after their first meeting since 2015, it was scheduled with less than a days notice... One has to Question what Martorello is attempting to hide eh?  Needless to say the BIA was not Impressed or happy with the way lil Donny is performing. We will continue to update as we receive news from the BIA. July 10, 2018 [...]