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ODFW allows 2 wolves to be killed by rancher

Two pups from Umatilla River pack (no longer active) Photo courtesy of ODFW The Oregon Department of Fish and Game has given the go-ahead for cattle rancher Chad DelCurto to kill two wolves in northeastern Oregon after wolves killed three calves. This just barely happened on April 6th and 7th! So now,  any two out of this new family can be killed. There are eight members and the breeding female is pregnant and due in about a week!! Under no circumstance should this be allowed, especially when one is pregnant! They have five pups almost a year old and the pack’s breeding male, [...]

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Wolves kill 3 calves

Today, April 9th, 2018,  one of our volunteers with Protect the Wolves contacted the Oregon Department of Fish and Game.  We tried to get answers about the recent depredations of three calves by wolves in Baker County but they would not say much and we were referred to Wildlife Communications Director Michelle Dennehy. Dennehy said there would be a news release soon and we should wait for that.  However, we politely insisted on more information and the importance of transparency since nothing was posted on the ODFW website about the incident.  So we were told that they were trying to work [...]

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Wildlife officials: Young female wolf spotted, killed in Utah’s Beaver County

Yellowstone National Park, File, Associated Press.This image provided by Yellowstone National Park shows a wolf walking through the snow in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. State wildlife officials have confirmed that a young female wolf was shot and killed in Beaver County, the first documented killing of a wolf in Utah in several years. This is heartbreaking. This young female escaped the killing fields of Wyoming to find a better life only to be met by more sociopaths in the state of Utah.  This comes as no surprise with elected officials such as--  SENATOR ORRIN HATCH [R] SENATOR MIKE LEE [R] REP. [...]

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Wildlife officials to close wolf harvest early along Stampede Trail in Alaska

  While we are glad the hunting and trapping of wolves is closing earlier in a small section of Alaska, the state has a long way to go before they are anywhere near where they need to be. It's time ruthless elected officials like Rep. Don Young [R] Sen. Dan Sullivan [R]  Sen. Lisa Murkowski [R] wake up and realize that wolves are immensely valuable for the visitor viewing economy in the state.   Ecotourism brings in millions of dollars every year and continues to grow.  Since these politicians are completely void of empathy, especially towards animals and only care about [...]

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