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Aerial operations by USFWS  Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team completed the annual year-end population survey in Arizona and New Mexico at the end of 2017, concluding that there are only 114 Mexican Gray wolves left in the wild. This number includes 26 pups that survived to the end of 2017, only one more over the estimated 113 wild wolves in 2016.   From January 1 to December 31, 2017, there were 12 wolf mortalities/poaching incidents still under investigation and one lethal removal (F1557). The latest wolf poaching was a female yearling from the Bluestream pack in December 2017.   The Mexican Wolf Interagency [...]

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Letter to the Editor: Wolves belong in Colorado

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation CEO David Allens’s remarks on wolves, “What pro-wolf introduction factions are telling you and what they are not,” are off the mark (Herald, Feb. 13). The trophic cascade effects of wolves and other keystone species like cougars have been convincingly demonstrated in Yellowstone and Zion National Parks. The scientific discussion around trophic cascades involves subtleties like climate change and human interference, not its validity. The latest studies are at   Trophic cascade effects of wolves will definitely benefit intact ecosystems, like federal public lands. The “recovery goals” mentioned were in fact minimums (10 packs per [...]

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WA: Washington rancher shot wolf thinking it may be dog

It's always great to know there are ranchers like this. Whatever it is...just kill it!! The rancher responsible was none other than Arron Scotton, who is also Mc Irvins range rider.  They feel justified, entitled and WDFW concluded it was justified because the wolf was chasing a calf. Who belongs in the forest? Cows or wolves??  Remember that dogs don't belong there either now!  This is appalling and reprehensible! But people sure do seem to like eating burgers and these cattlemen are always eager to take your money.   WA: Washington rancher shot wolf thinking it may be dog A Washington [...]

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B.C. to Continue Wolf Cull, Despite Warnings It Won’t Save Caribou

  Wolves are routinely, baselessly and contemptuously blamed for the demise of everything from marmots to mountain caribou in western Canada.  Canada's proposed strategy to "recover" dwindling populations of boreal forest caribou in northern Alberta's tar sands territory. The plan favors the destruction of wolves over any consequential protection, enhancement or expansion of caribou habitat. The caribou recovery strategy has not been based on ecological principles or the best available science. The government pen pushers and elected officials have been doing their very best to ignore and obscure the advice of consulting biologists and ecologists. It's the oil industry, the federal government that [...]

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