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North Pole man cited for shooting wolf from truck across highway 

FAIRBANKS — A 29-year-old North Pole man is accused of firing a rifle across the Parks Highway from inside a truck in order to shoot a wolf. A wildlife trooper spotted Samuel Kendall dragging a dead wolf across the highway at about 3:25 p.m. Friday in the Healy area, according to a Sunday news release from troopers. Troopers concluded Kendall shot from inside his truck while he was parked on the highway. Alaska hunting regulations prohibit shooting from a road, across a road or down a road. Kendall was also cited for hunting without a hunting license. Troopers seized the wolf and [...]

Stop senseless slaughter of Pennsylvania coyotes: Letters to the editor

Also one of our four-legged relatives... "Stop senseless slaughter of Pennsylvania coyotes" : Letters to the editor Coyotes, greatly revered by Navajo herders, who call them “God’s dog,” are tragically the most persecuted and demonized predator in Pennsylvania. Throughout Pennsylvania, coyotes are being brutally slaughtered in killing contests for money. They have the same DNA as our beloved dogs, and one would go to jail for killing a neighbor’s dog. It is bad enough they are tortured, but some cruel, bloodthirsty hunters use hound dogs. Typically hunters will wound coyotes in the leg areas, so the hounds can easily catch up [...]

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Oregon Wolf compensation bill clears initial hurdle

  Protect The Wolves™ has to question how it is even possible for a prudent individual to agree with this. Look who its being sent to now.... the Agriculture Committee. Under House Bill 4106, Oregon lawmakers would be required to appropriate money to the state’s wolf compensation fund based on the population of the species. The Oregon League of Conservation Voters opposes HB 4106 because it would confirm the “falsehood” that rising wolf populations will necessarily result in more livestock kills, said Paige Spence, the group’s Oregon conservation network director. “Predation rates have not increased with Oregon’s increased wolf population,” [...]

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Fewer elk in Gros Ventre led to wolf wars 

ol The Gros Ventre Wilderness lies just east of Jackson in western Wyoming. The name "Gros Ventre" is French, meaning "big belly". It is roughly bounded by the Gros Ventre River to the north, the Green River to the east, the Hoback River to the south and the National Elk Refuge and Snake River to the west. Ken Mills, biologist Wyoming Fish and Game reported that outside Yellowstone National Park, the Gros Ventre is typically the most wolf-dense landscape in Wyoming. Yet the large carnivores and the sign they leave behind were nowhere to be seen last Thursday. What he did [...]

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