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A letter from a hunter that knows the importance of wolves in Wisconsin and opposes wolf poaching Bill

  Letter: Bills targeting wolf populations need to be stopped Letter to the editor  Published Jan. 27, 2018 I wanted to provide my opinions on S.B. 602/A.B. 712 as a scholar studying conservation, and as an avid hunter who is appalled by these bills. S.B. 602/A.B. 712 would prevent Wisconsin law enforcement officers from enforcing or attempting to enforce any federal or state law relating to wolf management or the illegal killing of wolves; along with preventing the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources from expending any funds for wolf management, or informing or supporting federal law enforcement officers regarding the [...]

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PG&E, Pacific Gas and Electric – Takes Advantage of Nonprofit in California

For Immediate Release: PG&E, Pacific Gas and Electric - Takes Advantage of Nonprofit in California Cottonwood California Contact: Patricia Herman President Roger D0bson Director 530-377-3031   PGE has set Protect The Wolves™ up as a business account, however PGE refuses to give Protect The Wolves™ a commercial rate. They are charging them Residential Customer Rates which is beyond ridiculous for residential customers let alone a Nonprofit.  We have tier 3 usage on the recent bills that We have received, which under a commercial account is non existent. Businesses pay half of what tier 3 rates are almost. Protect The Wolves™ [...]

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Wolf, entangled in snare, shot and killed in Duluth

First, we would like to say that efforts are underway RIGHT NOW to pass legislation in Congress to delist wolves in the Great Lakes region and IT WILL BE WORSE WITH MANY MORE SNARES AND THOUSANDS MORE WOLVES KILLED IN SEVERAL STATES! We all need to contact members of Congress ASAP!  #BanTrapping #SavetheESA #DontDelistWolves Appropriations Bill H.R 3354, is loaded with toxic Riders Say NO toxic riders to impact the ESA and no riders to delist the grey wolf in this country!!! This and other Bills such as S.164, H.R 424 WITH NO JUDICIAL REVIEW are devastating to wolves in the Great Lakes Region and [...]

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North Pole man cited for shooting wolf from truck across highway 

FAIRBANKS — A 29-year-old North Pole man is accused of firing a rifle across the Parks Highway from inside a truck in order to shoot a wolf. A wildlife trooper spotted Samuel Kendall dragging a dead wolf across the highway at about 3:25 p.m. Friday in the Healy area, according to a Sunday news release from troopers. Troopers concluded Kendall shot from inside his truck while he was parked on the highway. Alaska hunting regulations prohibit shooting from a road, across a road or down a road. Kendall was also cited for hunting without a hunting license. Troopers seized the wolf and [...]