Lifes Highways

To Our friends and Followers…. Patricia got banned from using Help on Facebook for 48 hours  just by going to the help center and looking up how to restrict publishing of personal info. Which is the main reason she prompted me to create our own social network site. This is a pre-Launch notification, but it will reside at which was an amazing domain name that Patricia came up with. Once the website is ready, we will announce it here to inform you.

Lifes Highways.

Top Yellowstone Expert Takes on the Wolf Critics

Recently, the Montana Pioneer spoke with Doug Smith, Yellowstone National Park Wolf Project Leader and Senior Biologist at the Yellowstone Center for Resources, about the nature of the wolves introduced to Yellowstone National Park in 1995, including the “non native subspecies” charge advanced by critics, and about ongoing research on wolves in the park.

via Top Yellowstone Expert Takes on the Wolf Critics.

Protect The Wolves

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