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Obama did it?

If you people are stupid enough to think the Obama Administration did it.... You really do not have a clue! It was an attached rider to must pass legislation.... MINNEAPOLIS – Advocates who have been fighting to stop the wolf hunt in Minnesota and Wisconsin got a big victory Friday. U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell in Washington, D.C. ordered the gray wolf hunt to stop in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. "This is huge, this is the only way the wolf has survived as along as it did," said Dr. Maureen Hackett with Howling for Wolves. The Obama administration removed the [...]

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Ruling sparks concerns about more illegal wolf killings | MinnPost

Adding the delisting as a rider should be illegal in itself!! Just as adding native american land grabs for mining company rider.... Dave Mech, researcher with the U.S. Geological Survey, said the Fish and Wildlife Service’s piecemeal approach was chosen deliberately to avoid conflict.  “The wolf is much more controversial than the alligator or even the grizzly bear,” Mech said. “I’m afraid we might see the same thing as result of this decision: I can see Congress deciding to legislatively de-list the wolf in the upper Midwest just as they did in Montana and Idaho.” On the other hand, the judge’s long and well-researched [...]

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Groups now offer $20K for info about wolf killing – San Francisco Chronicle

Hell Id rat the Bastards out for free if I knew who did it! SEATTLE (AP) — Conservation groups are now offering $20,000 for information about the October killing of a protected female wolf in Kittitas County. The reward announced Tuesday is an increase of $5,000 from the amount previously offered. The Center for Biological Diversity says the wolf was the breeding alpha female of the Teanaway pack, and that her death jeopardizes the recovery of gray wolves in the state. The wolf was wearing a radio collar. After signals showed the wolf was not moving, her carcass was found [...]

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