Protect Alaska Wolves

//Protect Alaska Wolves

North Pole man cited for shooting wolf from truck across highway 

FAIRBANKS — A 29-year-old North Pole man is accused of firing a rifle across the Parks Highway from inside a truck in order to shoot a wolf. A wildlife trooper spotted Samuel Kendall dragging a dead wolf across the highway at about 3:25 p.m. Friday in the Healy area, according to a Sunday news release from troopers. Troopers concluded Kendall shot from inside his truck while he was parked on the highway. Alaska hunting regulations prohibit shooting from a road, across a road or down a road. Kendall was also cited for hunting without a hunting license. Troopers seized the wolf and [...]

Tongass in Transition: Wolves and logging both cut into Prince of Wales deer

  We have to question With only 89 wolves living in the unit — less than half of what was there 20 years before, would seem impossible to a prudent Individual to blame Wolves for the depletion of Deer! Hunters are the cause of the depletion. When will people wake up to the truth? This deer season has been the worst in recent memory for a lot of hunters on Prince of Wales Island. In the past, large-scale industrial logging damaged important winter habitat, and some locals believe there’s another reason there’s so few deer on the island: too many wolves. Go [...]

Alaska Gov. Walker needs to stop the wolf SLAUGHTER. Each Wolf costs Alaska Taxpayers $37,384

FAIRBANKS — Most Alaskans want to believe their state wildlife agencies — the Board of Game and Alaska Department of Fish and Game — care about the well-being of all Alaska’s iconic wildlife. I also think most Alaskans at least hope that the game board and Fish and Game care about the opinions of all Alaskans. Unfortunately, the goodwill that is so vital for these agencies to function well has been eroding. Over the last several decades, mostly Republican politicians have systematically inserted their chosen anti-wolf and bear members on the game board. This stacking has reached a point where the only [...]

Wolves, as readers of fairy tales know, have enduring reputations as big, bad predators.

Wolves, as readers of fairy tales know, have enduring reputations as big, bad predators. But a growing body of evidence shows that wolf diets can be diverse and extend beyond the big animals that they hunt down. In Alaska in particular, the studies say, many wolves dine on a daintier dish — salmon. Two recent studies focusing on coastal areas of Southwest Alaska fill in details about those food choices, quantifying the proportion of salmon in wolf diets in different locations and times of the year. One study, newly published in the Canadian Journal of Zoology, studied wolves in Lake Clark National [...]