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FYI: you can’t hunt wolves in Killarney Provincial Park

Wolves can no longer be hunted in Killarney Provincial Park, as well as certain other area in the province. Ontario is taking measures to protect the threatened Algonquin wolf population by introducing new rules for hunting and trapping in certain areas. Due to the similarity in appearance of Algonquin wolf and coyotes and other wolves, the province has closed the hunting and trapping of all wolves and coyotes in select areas to support recovery of the Algonquin wolf species. It is now illegal to hunt and trap wolves and coyotes in the following provincial parks that the Algonquin wolf is [...]

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The removal of wolves, an apex predator, allowed the deer population to explode

ALGONQUIN PROVINCIAL PARK, ONTARIO -- Our environment is fluid, changes within the ecology happen frequently. But just because it's Nature doesn't mean that all change is natural. Far too often the catalyst for change is man. Ontario's Algonquin Provincial Park has seen some interesting and dramatic changes in it's predator-prey dynamic over the last century, caused by the hand of man. Logging began the transformation. David Legros is the park's Natural Heritage Education Specialist. "There was rather extensive logging, and subsequently a lot of forest fires resulting from the slash piles and careless fires and things like that," he said. [...]

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