Protect Mexican Gray Wolves

//Protect Mexican Gray Wolves

Ranchers and residents Spread false stories it seems

It seems that these folks are spreading nothing more than stories in this article. They make claims of taking pictures, but sadly didnt provide the reporter with any? Come on People, how stupid do you think the american Public are? It is Ranchers like these that give the rest that try to coexist a bad name. Whats strange is I spent 6 months in the woods all day long every single day not far from there, and damn.... didnt get 1 picture, and they certainly didnt try to eat me like this article would lead you to believe. If you [...]


Aerial operations by USFWS  Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team completed the annual year-end population survey in Arizona and New Mexico at the end of 2017, concluding that there are only 114 Mexican Gray wolves left in the wild. This number includes 26 pups that survived to the end of 2017, only one more over the estimated 113 wild wolves in 2016.   From January 1 to December 31, 2017, there were 12 wolf mortalities/poaching incidents still under investigation and one lethal removal (F1557). The latest wolf poaching was a female yearling from the Bluestream pack in December 2017.   The Mexican Wolf Interagency [...]

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Governments in CO/UT/NM/AZ Deliberately Derailed Mexican Wolf Recovery, Documents Reveal (Investigative Report) 

Our attorneys are waiting for us to raise funds to get them in court for Phoenix the Mexican Gray female that USFWS should have relocated to a breeding program instead of killing! Especially after the news led people to believe the Tribe requested it, when in fact we found out that they did not! Protect The Wolves™ spoke with USFWS Wolf program manager on 9/25/2017. Asked her had a current NEPA been done prior to issuing slaughter order for "Phoenix”. Her response was they are running on their initial NEPA from 2012, 13 or 2014. Which after consulting with a retired EPA [...]

Endangered U.S. wolf denied new habitat, as critics charge that politics trumped science 

USFWS has let not only wolves down, but also people that see them as the keystone species that they are. USFWS needs to be brought to Court Today! Help Us to do just that by becoming a paid member. We have the Research, We have the Voice that no Large group will ever have. We need you to help us to do what is needed today. Endangered U.S. wolf denied new habitat, as critics charge that politics trumped science By Cally CarswellSep. 27, 2017 , 4:10 PM On 26 January 1998, federal wildlife officials drove three Mexican wolves to a remote [...]