Hunters are not Conservationists

/Hunters are not Conservationists

Let rich tourists hunt wolves by helicopter to Slaughter Siberia’s wolves

We have to wonder how these sick minded individuals came up with this idea? Foreigners should be invited to pay $10,000 per animal in novel way to fund cull needed to save reindeer and horses. Wealthy Russian and foreign tourists should be offered helicopter hunting trips to shoot wolves in Yakutia, where they are causing a growing threat to livestock. The region's 12,000 wolves are costing $2.5 million a year in damage to reindeer and horse herds. Wolves killed more than 9,000 reindeer and 500-plus horses, it is reported. Measures taken by the authorities to cull the rapidly rising wolf population [...]

Don’t let Montana Hunters BS you, they continued to beat the year b4 With an 8.2 percent SLAUGHTER increase

Please Text : 4832752 To: 715-803-4772 and help our Voice Grow Here is a bit more proof that hunters tell stories about their lack of success With an 8.2 percent SLAUGHTER increase rate increase over hunters with game last year. according to FWP... you cant make this shit up for those on the short bus!! Northwest Montana hunters wrapped up another successful big game season on Sunday. A total of 17,656 hunters had checked 1,494 white-tailed deer, 146 mule deer and 72 elk at six regional check stations as the season drew to a close on Nov. 27. The totals [...]

Colorado Has it Backwards- Terminate Hunting Season for 5 years

Colorado clearly has it Backwards... They Clearly need to terminate Hunting Licenses for 5 years minimum. FORT COLLINS – Colorado wildlife commissioners quashed wide opposition Wednesday and voted unanimously to embark on a controversial predator control experiment to euthanize mountain lions and bears — a $4.5 million effort aimed at reviving the state’s dwindling population of deer. While previous science points to human development and degradation of habitat as the primary problem, commissioners said recent Colorado Parks and Wildlife research persuaded them to test a hypothesis that manipulating the number of bears and lions might help stop deer’s decline. “We’re [...]

Idaho hunters in for another great big-game season | Idaho Fish and Game

  Look Hunters... you slaughter the largest and healthiest 24,543 elk, ab 68,768 deer in 1 season in Idaho... but blame the herds are being decimated by Wolves... Sorry but your FULL of CACA!! Hunters that come onto our page and attempt to tell us that herds are being slaughtered by wolves.... really truly need to get an education!! So we will provide it for you!!! Hunters had excellent success last year and deer and elk populations remain strong... Idaho’s fall hunting season is likely to be outstanding. Coming on the heels of an all-time record white-tailed deer harvest in 2015 and [...]