Idaho Elk Slaughter

//Idaho Elk Slaughter

Chronic wasting disease found in bull elk killed on private Utah ranch 

While Investigating on a separate Issue regarding the Corruption in the State of Idaho, we came across this matter. We are curious why it is that Taxpayers are being asked to bare the Burden of covering the failure to manage a healthy species by a Private Ranch in and transporting CWD Hess said Howe's Elk Ranch is under quarantine while the state works with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to seek compensation for the elk A bull elk shot in a private northern Utah hunting park has tested positive for chronic wasting disease (CWD), Utah Department of Agriculture officials confirmed [...]

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Idaho Fish and Game Humanizes Elk Herds by feeding 20,000 animals this winter

Basically All that Idaho Fish and Game has done is Humanize Elk, and other species with their Feeding. Idaho needs to wake up and realize they are hurting more than helping. TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) This winter prompted Idaho Fish and Game to spend more than $650,000 to feed big game, the most since 2003. With nearly 110 feed sites open and more being added daily, the animal to human interaction in cities and on roadways is coming to a head. “We are asking the public to be cautious and be mindful around concentrations of wildlife whether they're being fed [...]

Idaho F&G: Feed Sites Off Limits to Hunting Mountain Lions and Wolves

Idaho went all out restricting hunting of Wolves and Cougars around feed sites that dont belong in the first place.... They gave them a safe 1/2 mile.... JEROME, Idaho (KLIX) – The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is reminding hunters that mountain lions and gray wolves may not be hunted near any active big game feeding site. The department currently is conducting winter feeding in several areas across southern Idaho. Mountain lions and gray wolves cannot be hunted or pursued with one-half mile of any active Fish and Game feeding site. Nor can wolves be trapped within the same [...]

Idaho hunters in for another great big-game season | Idaho Fish and Game

  Look Hunters... you slaughter the largest and healthiest 24,543 elk, ab 68,768 deer in 1 season in Idaho... but blame the herds are being decimated by Wolves... Sorry but your FULL of CACA!! Hunters that come onto our page and attempt to tell us that herds are being slaughtered by wolves.... really truly need to get an education!! So we will provide it for you!!! Hunters had excellent success last year and deer and elk populations remain strong... Idaho’s fall hunting season is likely to be outstanding. Coming on the heels of an all-time record white-tailed deer harvest in 2015 and [...]