Len and Bill McIrvin Diamond M Ranch

/Len and Bill McIrvin Diamond M Ranch

Don’t cry wolf in Eastern Washington 

Joel Kretz caught outright lying in the above statement after WDFW reported it was on Public Lands. Its good to see that finally others are not afraid of Washington States Elected Officials... Joel Kretz and Donald Dashiell need to go... Joel Kretz outright lied, Dashiell wrote a letter complaining they werent killing fast enough.... Thank you Brandon Nobles for standing up to this "Old West Rancher Mentality" that truly our elected officials should be removed from office for having!! (By Brandon Nobles/ Brandon is a graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in English and Humanities. [...]

Confirmed wolf depredation by Sherman Wolf Pack

The Stories that Donny Martorello and Joel Kretz would have you believe are they dont turn out until June... and 5 Range Riders.... wow... Funny Arron Scotten never mentioned 5... also Joel Kretz claimed originally it was on Private Land.... So to a prudent individual would appear Joel Kretz Blatantly lied to stir the Pot.... He needs to be removes from Office!! Turns out wasn't Private ground after all huh Joel.... Get your story straight... oh wait you could have simply told the Truth Joel Kretz! WDFW officials have confirmed that one or more wolves were responsible for the death of [...]


Washington, DC — Washington’s largest cattle rancher has been wreaking havoc on gray wolves in violation of his U.S. Forest Service grazing permit and agency wildlife protection policies, according to a complaint filed today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). The group is pressing to rescind or restrict grazing permits on public land within Colville National Forest to reduce wildlife losses. The complaint targets the Diamond M Ranch for its actions on two Forest Service grazing allotments that have resulted in the eradication of nearly 15% of all gray wolves within Washington. This ranch single-handedly accounts for two-thirds of [...]

Additional Grounds that show WDFW or Colville USFS Failed to Act

Attention: Travis Fletcher Additional Grounds that support why Colville USFS needs to Pull any Grazing Permit that McIvrin has Period.   McIrvrin clearly thinks that he is above the Law, The USFS, and WDFW have let him skate by without consequence!   Their failure to pull his permits will be in direct Violation of their positions as Trustees! (PDF Attached.)   WDFW has refused to act! WDFW  also allowed attempts to discredit Dr. Wielgus publicly from Wolf Advisory Group Members at the September 2016 Wolf Advisory Group meeting by appointed WAG members. Those WAG members need to be Immediately removed! [...]