Confirmed wolf depredation by Sherman Wolf Pack

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The Stories that Donny Martorello and Joel Kretz would have you believe are they dont turn out until June… and 5 Range Riders…. wow… Funny Arron Scotten never mentioned 5… also Joel Kretz claimed originally it was on Private Land…. So to a prudent individual would appear Joel Kretz Blatantly lied to stir the Pot…. He needs to be removes from Office!! Turns out wasn’t Private ground after all huh Joel…. Get your story straight… oh wait you could have simply told the Truth Joel Kretz!

WDFW officials have confirmed that one or more wolves were responsible for the death of a calf whose carcass was discovered on June 12 in a grazing allotment of Ferry County. Investigators also found scattered skeletal remains of a second calf, but they could not determine the cause of its death. The report was made by a WDFW contract range rider who found a recently deceased calf and partial remains of a second calf while patrolling an area that had a cluster of GPS points from a collared wolf from the Sherman Pack.

After finding and reporting the carcass and remains to WDFW, the range rider Arron Scotten remained on the scene to prevent scavenging by wildlife. Shortly after sunrise on Tuesday, June 13, two WDFW officials arrived on the scene. The Department officials who conducted the investigation indicated that the first event was an intact calf carcass with injuries to the groin, inside areas of both the hindquarters and hamstrings. The injuries consisted of bite lacerations and puncture wounds with hemorrhaging associated with those bite wounds. The injuries to calf were consistent with a wolf depredation.

The GPS points from the Sherman Pack collared wolf showed that the wolf had been at the location several times between June 3-11. Data from another collared wolf from the Profanity Peak Pack showed the animal was in the area sporadically from June 5- 7. Based on all available factors, the event was classified as a confirmed wolf depredation by one or more members of the Sherman Pack.

The depredation occurred on BLM grazing lands. It is the first confirmed depredation involving the Sherman Pack. The second calf’s remains were discovered 150 yards downhill from the first calf carcass. Because the scene consisted of only skeletal remains, scattered over a 40-yard area, WDFW classified the event as an Unknown Cause of Death. The livestock producer grazes both private and public lands in the area. The producer’s calves were born outside of occupied wolf range and were trucked into the area for the summer grazing season.

The producer turned the cattle out onto private land on May 24. The producer uses five WDFW contract range riders to increase the level of human presence around the cattle throughout their grazing allotments. The range riders started patrolling the area on May 9, before the cattle were turned out to check for carnivore activity and to proactively increase regular human presence. They have continued to patrol the area with cattle on a near-daily basis, and communicate frequently with the producer. Any changes in cattle behavior or carnivore activity has been shared with WDFW.

The range riders also monitor the activity of GPS collared wolves in the area. There are no known wolf dens or rendezvous sites in the area. Following the depredation investigation, the calf carcass from the confirmed wolf depredation was removed from where high cattle activity is expected. The range riders will continue to patrol the area and surrounding areas.


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Washington, DC — Washington’s largest cattle rancher has been wreaking havoc on gray wolves in violation of his U.S. Forest Service grazing permit and agency wildlife protection policies, according to a complaint filed today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). The group is pressing to rescind or restrict grazing permits on public land within Colville National Forest to reduce wildlife losses.

The complaint targets the Diamond M Ranch for its actions on two Forest Service grazing allotments that have resulted in the eradication of nearly 15% of all gray wolves within Washington. This ranch single-handedly accounts for two-thirds of all state-sponsored lethal control events since the return of gray wolves to the state in 2008. The McIrvin family, which operates the ranch, has refused to participate in a state-funded program that has shown consistent success in avoiding livestock-wolf conflicts.

Instead, the McIrvins have undertaken actions, such as grazing cattle and placing salt block attractants near a known wolf den, that have provoked predation and triggered “lethal removal” by the state of two separate wolf packs in eastern Washington, including the Profanity Peak pack last summer.

“What happened at Profanity Peak was a travesty,” stated PEER Staff Counsel Adam Carlesco pointing to footage posted on the group’s website documenting the proximity of the Diamond M cows to the pack’s den. “The Profanity Peak lethal removal alone cost Washington taxpayers $135,000, an expense that was both needless and deplorable. It is also significantly more than all state payments combined to cooperating ranchers for wolf-related livestock losses.”

The PEER complaint is directed to the U.S. Regional Forester for the Pacific Northwest, a region that includes Colville. It cites several agency rules the Diamond M Ranch appears to contravene, including:

  • Policies protecting sensitive species, such as the gray wolf, and requirements that grazing be managed “to maintain viable populations” of wildlife;
  • Prohibitions against actions resulting in cumulative adverse impacts on forest wildlife; and
  • A condition of the Diamond M Ranch’s grazing permits forbidding placement of salt blocks near or along roadsides and trailheads. At Profanity Peak the salt blocks were placed approximately 25 feet from a road.

The PEER complaint cites the Forest Service’s legal responsibility to prevent these conflicts and urges the agency to exercise its prerogative to restrict or revoke the Diamond M grazing permits altogether.

“Grazing on our national forests is a privilege, not a right. In this case, that privilege has been abused,” added Carlesco, noting that if the gray wolf populations are further destabilized the population in eastern Washington will again need to be listed as federally “endangered” under the U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA). “PEER is currently consulting about the need to relist these wolves, and if that occurs the broader ranching community loses as well.”


Read the PEER complaint

Check out background on the war on wolves and science

Look at film on Profanity Peak incident

Examine non-lethal control success

See political pressure exerted on Washington wolf scientist


Additional Grounds that show WDFW or Colville USFS Failed to Act

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Attention: Travis Fletcher

Additional Grounds that support why Colville USFS needs to Pull any Grazing Permit that McIvrin has Period.
  McIrvrin clearly thinks that he is above the Law, The USFS, and WDFW have let him skate by without consequence!
  Their failure to pull his permits will be in direct Violation of their positions as Trustees! (PDF Attached.)
  WDFW has refused to act! WDFW  also allowed attempts to discredit Dr. Wielgus publicly from Wolf Advisory Group Members at the September 2016 Wolf Advisory Group meeting by appointed WAG members. Those WAG members need to be Immediately removed!
 The only group that stood up and told them to stop was in fact Protect The Wolves™ ! Donny Martorello did not tell them to stop!!

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Profanity Peak Massacre By Diamond M, Len McIrvrin

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Profanity Peak Massacre By Diamond M, Len McIrvrin

 You can help us Get McIvrin out of our National Forests!! PLEASE S/S

In August of 2016, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (“WDFW”) killed nearly 10% of the state’s endangered gray wolf population at the behest of the state’s largest rancher – Diamond M Ranch – against the professional recommendations of wildlife biologists. This is the third employment of lethal control by the state since the 2012 and the second at the behest of Diamond M Ranch.

During the past several years of Washington’s fledgling wolf management program, WDFW, with the cooperation of the Large Carnivore Conservation Laboratory at Washington State University, has developed a list of best management practices for livestock ranchers within eastern Washington to avoid depredation by wolves. Field research indicates that the most effective means to prevent conflicts are non-lethal control techniques; these include range riding to keep cattle separated from wildlife, guard dogs, livestock radio-collaring, flagging particular areas, use of light or sound devices to scare away wolves, putting out calves when they are older and larger, and fencing of grazing areas. Ranchers that agreed to employ these conflict prevention techniques and signed WDFW’s Cooperative Damage Agreement would then be compensated for any incidental livestock losses. With a large number of participating members enrolled in this nascent program, taxpayers of Washington have compensated ranchers for a total amount of $75,351.50 for 10 depredations events between 2012 and September 2016.

Washington’s largest cattle ranch, Diamond M Ranch, refused to join WDFW’s Cooperative Damage Agreement and elected not to employ the majority of livestock-wolf conflict prevention measures.

While grazing their cattle on a 30,000+ acre tract of public Forest Service land near Profanity Peak, Diamond M Ranch elected to install salt block attractants within a short distance of roads and 200 yards from a known wolf den in violation of their Forest Service grazing permit. The wolves acted as predicted and a series of cattle depredations occurred in the summer of 2016.

Having previously employed the public resources of the WDFW in 2012 to eliminate the Wedge pack of gray wolves, Diamond M Ranch once more requested that WDFW slaughter the wolf pack at Profanity Peak in lieu of financial recompense. Over the course of several weeks in August and September of 2016, WDFW proceeded to execute 7 wolves of Profanity Peak by means of helicopter snipers and state hunters. These efforts cost Washington taxpayers over $130,000; nearly twice as much as all livestock loss compensation paid by the State since the re-entry of the gray wolf to Washington.

Source: PEER – Abomination on Profanity Peak

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