Protect Michigan Wolves

//Protect Michigan Wolves

When farmers don’t bury dead cows, it affects where and what wolves eat | Michigan Radio

  When farmers don’t bury dead cows It seems to affect where and what wolves eat!   Michigan has held one wolf hunt. That was in 2013, when 22 wolves were killed in the Upper Peninsula. The next year, a federal judge put wolves back on the endangered species list. Since then, lawmakers from Michigan, as well as Minnesota and Wisconsin, have tried to tack on riders to various bills in Congress that would "de-list" the wolves. These moves are backed by farmers who say wolves are preying on their livestock. But now, a new study indicates those farmers may be contributing [...]

Counting wolves in the Upper Michigan Peninsula  

Breaking NEWS from Michigan DNR's Kevin Swanson says Deer Population is way up. ;) "We have a lot more deer on the landscape now," says Swanson. Wildlife specialists will soon be in the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, tracking wolves. The Department of Natural Resources last conducted a wolf census in 2016, when it estimated more than 600 wolves prowled in the U.P. The DNR's Kevin Swanson says they don't know what to expect. But he says conditions may be right for an increase in the wolf population. "We have a lot more deer on the landscape now," says Swanson. But Swanson [...]

MN Farmers believe wolves are attacking their cattle but is it Rustlers?

Calves disappear Ranchers immediately blame wolves without any proof/ Perhaps they be better on track if they blamed the 2 legged Predator!! It is poor Ranchers like this one that give good Ranchers, those that have proven they can live with Predators a Bad name! "But, our best guess is there's 118 missing calves. So, those 118 missing calves there's no compensation for them." Said Porter. KITTSON COUNTY, Minn. (Valley News Live) Wolves are hunting down cattle in northern Minnesota and it's costing small communities hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some environmentalists say it's not a problem at all. It's a [...]

Casperson wolf vendetta ignores voters’ will

Find your senator online at Sen. Casperson and his cronies continue their vendetta on wolves. Senate Resolution 105 passed through an unelected committee, where Casperson is the chairman, and will very soon be on the Michigan Senate floor. This resolution urges the federal government to take wolves off the Endangered Species List even though the population has declined from 687 in 2010 to 618 in 2016, and leave it up to Michigan for “scientific” management. There is nothing “scientific” about the management of wolves in Michigan, it means “hunt” plain and simple, through any cruel means deemed “scientifically” necessary [...]