Feds trap and kill two grey wolves near Glyndon, Minn.

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KFGO) - Federal wildlife biologists confirm that two grey wolves were recently trapped and killed in an area outside their usual habitat near Glyndon, Minn. The wolves are suspected of killing several calves on a ranch between Glyndon and Hawley. Rancher Jeff Mortenson says since early April, at least five of his calves have been taken by wolves. Experts from the USDA’s Wildlife Services Division, a government agency that traps and kills nuisance wildlife, arrived at Mortenson’s ranch to verify his claims. “They looked around and verified that it was a wolf kill” Mortenson said. “They ended up [...]

Moose population explodes on Isle Royale as wolves decline 

With only two wolves left to feast on them, the moose of Isle Royale National Park are undergoing a population explosion that could endanger the wilderness area's fir trees and eventually cause many of the moose to starve, scientists said Tuesday. The unchecked growth of hulking moose at the Lake Superior island park shows the need to take more wolves there, restoring a predator-prey balance that has benefited both species and the park's ecosystem, Michigan Technological University researchers said in a report. The National Park Service is considering options to restore the wolf population, but hasn't committed to doing so. [...]

Besides the Majority of Republicans we  now have Minnesota Democrats Are Trying to Sabotage the Endangered Species Act

Besides the Majority of Republicans we now have Minnesota and Wisconsin Democratic Senators Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin are also working towards Gutting the ESA. Evidently they get alot of Rancher Donations for their campaigns These are the Very type of Elected Officials that we can Stop if you will support our Research. https://continuetogive.com/protectthewolves Call Amy and Complain (612) 727-5220 and Tammy at https://www.baldwin.senate.gov/feedback At this very moment, Congress has before it a pair of bills, one in the House of Representatives and one in the Senate, that seek to remove ESA protections from gray wolf populations in multiple states, [...]

Comments Open Management of Wolf Conflicts and Depredating Wolves in Minnesota

Please Visit this page and add your comments.... They seem to think that nothing at all will adversely effect the wolf population... Protect The Wolves® has to ask what scientist that accepted payment for making these claims??? Please Click this Link and add your Comment: Regulations.gov - Docket Folder Summary  https://www.regulations.gov/docket?D=APHIS-2017-0023 Docket Folder Summary View all documents and comments in this Docket Docket ID: APHIS-2017-0023 Agency: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Parent Agency: Department of Agriculture (USDA) Summary: We are advising the public that the USDA, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Wildlife Services Program has released a new [...]

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