Hunter shoots possible wolf in Howard County, MO – in 2012 Never Prosecuted

Looking at his face.... this hunter knows its not a coyote!!   I still have a hard time figuring out How Hunters are able to get away with saying it was a coyote???? They Damn well knew it wasnt! This Asshat, shot an Endangered Species! why didnt they prosecute him??? HOWARD COUNTY, MO (KCTV) - It's a rare sight in Missouri - a hunter shot what he thought was a coyote and it turns out it may be a timber wolf. The animal was found in Howard County. A warning to viewers: some may find the images graphic [...]

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Endangered Wolf Center hosts national panel to save the red wolf

EUREKA, MO (KTVI) – They are some of the best minds in the United States when it comes to saving species. They’ve gathered at the Endangered Wolf Center in Eureka with their sights set on saving the red wolf. “So the red wolf is the most endangered wolf in the world. There are only 50 individuals left in the wild and what’s amazing is that it is solely native to the United States,” said Regina Mossotti, director of animal care at the Endangered Wolf Center. At one time, you could find red wolves in Missouri and Illinois; but in 2015, [...]

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