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National Native News: A national tribal conservation group has petitioned the Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Our Article begins at approximately 2 minutes into the Broadcast ;) A national tribal conservation group Protect The Wolves™ has petitioned the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to create a 31-mile sacred resources protection zone around Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks where wolves cannot be hunted. (PHOTO-DOUG SMITH VIA NPS.GOV/YELL) Source: National Native News » News For All Americans

Protect the Wolves Calls For Wolf Kill Buffer Outside Yellowstone – Yellowstone Insider

Native American advocacy group Protect the Wolves Pack is calling for a “no wolf hunting” buffer outside Yellowstone National Park. According to the Jackson Hole News & Guide, the group sent a request to the Wyoming Fish and Game Department seeking a 31-mile “sacred resource protection safety zone.” The request included calls for a temporary suspension of wolf hunts across Wyoming. Last Summer We spent much time in the Park, speaking with Park Visitors at Towe Falls, and the JB Rendezvous den site and with Tony Povilitis with Campaign for Yellowstone's Wolves. Tony was Joined by many others Kriszta Fecske, Dagmar Maria [...]

Wyoming Game and Fish Petition for Regulation Change Submitted by Protect The Wolves™ Pack

This is what is referred to as a legal Petition, it is a Legal Petition for Wyoming Game and Fish to make changes to Chapter 21, it is not a petition to Sign, But Thank you For Asking. Protect The Wolves™ is publishing a Petition for Regulation Change as requested by Protect The Wolves™ Pack that Claims 501c4 Status  and also being a Native American Group that speaks out to Protect the Species that are Sacred to not only the Indigenous, but many different Cultures. Wyoming Legal Petition for Regulation Change Tracking Number: WGF 050317   To request a change to [...]

3 Questions About Oregon’s New Wolf Plan

  An ODFW biologist in the process of collaring wolf OR33, a 2-year-old adult male from the Imanaha Pack. Feb. 25,2015. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Wildlife officials are reworking Oregon’s Wolf Management Plan, which governs how the state’s fragile wolf population is protected and conflicts with humans are minimized. Here are three questions (and answers) to bring you up to speed on what’s happening and why. Why a new wolf plan?  Oregon is required to evaluate and update its Wolf Management Plan every five years. These updates usually reflect the latest scientific and management information for gray [...]