RESEARCH ARTICLE Killing wolves to prevent predation on livestock may protect one farm but harm neighbors

Complete 20 page Study is available on our site ;) RESEARCH ARTICLE Killing wolves to prevent predation on livestock may protect one farm but harm neighbors A Huge Thank you out to Adrian Treves for sending Us his Research, adding strength and fact to Dr Robert Wielgus Research. It is beyond Important that we are able to get this in front of OSU, right after we see what they are going to use ;) Hey, we will give them an opportunity to do the right thing first ;) Large carnivores, such as gray wolves, Canis lupus, are difficult to protect [...]

OSU KBREC To Host Wolf and Livestock Interaction Seminar May 2 

We find it a bit Strange that they did not contact Carter Niemeyer, or Mark Coats with Rancher Predator Awareness to speak. We hear from some it is a bad boy club... time will tell... We know that Rancher Predator Awareness will in fact be there, because We contacted him ;) Protect The Wolves™ will join them if time and funding permits. It is a Long Drive, but needs to be seen by the public as to what is happening in Oregon. Protect The Wolves™ has contacted ODFW on Numerous occasions to offer seminars involving manufacturers, yet they have yet [...]

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Controversial cyanide devices make comeback for predator control in Ore

Has Curt Mattson District Supervisor of USDA Wildlife Services not learned enough from killing an Idaho Families Pet Casey, amongst many many other pets, and almost killing their Son Canyon and his Father that almost gave Casey CPR??? What will it take to get these Government Organizations to realize that Cyanide can not ask if your a Pet or a Human Being!! Contact Information: Oregon Wildlife Services State Director 6135 NE 80th. Suite A-8. Portland, OR 97218. Phone: (503) 326-2346 VALE — Wildlife Services, which works to resolve wildlife/human conflicts, is regaining two of the tools it uses to control predators in Malheur [...]

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ODFW Needs to Outlaw Trapping

Clearly ODFW after catching Endangered species in Traps need to OUTLAW Trapping. Traps are not capable of determining if an animal is on the Endangered Species list, which in and of itself should be enough to get trapping banned. Elgin Man Charged For Unlawful Taking Of Wolf And Unlawful Trapping - Union County - 01/31/18 On December 18, 2017, an Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife Trooper was inspecting a trap line near Elgin, OR, when he located a deceased wolf adjacent to one of the foothold traps. Upon inspection, it was determined that the wolf had more than likely been shot [...]

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