Wild at heart: See wolves — and maybe hear them howl — under the full moon

  The howling is sporadic and sorrowful, a lone wolf pulling back his head and pouring his grief into the sky. Thor, a 15-year-old gray wolf, lost his mate two days before, and he is keenly feeling her loss. Otherwise, it’s a fairly quiet night at the full moon tour at the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania, where hundreds of people flock each month to get a close look at the apex predators in a natural — but safe — environment. But don’t let the storybooks fool you — wolves typically don’t howl at the moon. “That’s kind of a myth,” says [...]

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The Scribbler: Wolf sanctuary near Gap was no safe haven – LancasterOnline: The Scribbler

Did you know that lobo wolves once loped through a wolf park in Salisbury Township? They did, but not for long: the Depression seems to have doomed the enterprise. You can read all about Dr. McCleery's Lobo Wolf Park at the Dr. McCleery Lobo Wolves Digital Archive ( This information has been assembled by Kirsten Canfield, a librarian in Denver, Colorado.   Dr. E.H. McCleery established a successful wolf farm near Kane, in northwestern Pennsylvania, 10 years before opening a second operation along the Lincoln Highway, two miles east of Gap, in the spring of 1930. The Scribbler: Wolf sanctuary [...]

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