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Is WDFW Counting wolves they cant find? How accurate is their count?

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — The population of wolves in Washington state continued to grow in 2017. says WDFW, however  are they counting Wolves they cant locate? With the "known" killing 17 known Wolves in Wa in 2017, We have to question the States True Numbers. The state Department of Fish and Wildlife’s annual survey found at least 122 wolves living in Washington last year. The survey found 22 wolf packs and 14 successful breeding pairs. The agency said Friday that the 2016 survey documented 115 wolves, 20 packs, and 10 breeding pairs. Ben Maletzke, WDFW statewide wolf specialist, said Friday [...]

Killing Wolves Might Protect One Farm’s Cows And Sheep At Expense Of Others . 

If states pay attention when they look at both Washington and Oregon from 2016 to 2017, Depredations following their lethal removal slaughter increased not decreased, the have proven Dr. Robert Wielgus Research Accurate A new study claims government killing of wolves can increase the risk to nearby farms, providing further evidence for the ineffectiveness of the so-called “lethal control” policy approach. The report also casts doubt on an earlier research paper, which government agencies often use to support the practice. The research adds to a stack of recent scientific papers that question the often-used practice of killing predators to reduce the chances [...]

WSU blows off Promised Settlement Date with Dr. Robert Wielgus

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   WSU blows off Promised Settlement Date with Dr. Robert Wielgus   For Immediate Release: December 28, 2017 Questions can be directed to: Dr. Robert Wielgus:  Contact Info can be obtained from Protect The Wolves™ Protect The Wolves™ (530) 377-3031   [email protected] Patricia Herman President Protect The Wolves™ Roger Dobson Director Protect The Wolves™ To Begin with WSU 's Dean of Agriculture, Ron Mittelhamer conspired and colluded with wdfw's wolf policy lead Donny Marorello and Republican Representative Joel Kretz to mislead and lie to the public , the WAG, and the Washington legislature by defaming and discrediting internationally [...]

Ranchers/Cows or wolves: Which is the real invasive species? 

Slaughtered Profanity Peak Members Credit Dr. Wielgus. Len McIrvrin was responsible for costing Taxpayers $138,000 on the Profanity Peak alone. Wed Sep 27th, 2017 1:30am Which is the real invasive species? For the second time this year, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has announced that it will begin killing more endangered wolves in service of commercial ranching interests in Eastern Washington. Last month it was the Smackout Pack, and now the Sherman Pack has been targeted by WDFW’s gunners. And again, it is the same rancher who carelessly grazes his cattle on our publicly owned Colville [...]