Killing Wolves Might Protect One Farm’s Cows And Sheep At Expense Of Others . 

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If states pay attention when they look at both Washington and Oregon from 2016 to 2017, Depredations following their lethal removal slaughter increased not decreased, the have proven Dr. Robert Wielgus Research Accurate

A new study claims government killing of wolves can increase the risk to nearby farms, providing further evidence for the ineffectiveness of the so-called “lethal control” policy approach.

The report also casts doubt on an earlier research paper, which government agencies often use to support the practice.

The research adds to a stack of recent scientific papers that question the often-used practice of killing predators to reduce the chances of attacks on cattle, sheep and other livestock. Wildlife managers across the West trap and kill wolves, cougars and coyotes and other predators, and lethal control has become more common for wolves in Oregon and Washington as their populations have grown. But many scientists contend there’s little good evidence for the effectiveness of those efforts.

Northwest Wolf Populations

The number of wolves has grown rapidly since they first returned to Northwest states. As their numbers grow, the likelihood increases of encounters with cattle and sheep.

Tony Schick/OPB/EarthFix

Published Wednesday in the online journal PLOS ONE, a research team from the University of Wisconsin analyzed 17 years of data collected on wolves and farms in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

They found killing a small number of wolves might potentially reduce the risk of future wolf attacks for the targeted farm by a small amount. But it also increased the risk for nearby farms up to about 3 miles away.

The increase could be from remaining wolves scattering, new ones moving in or fractured packs struggling to hunt elk and turning to easier prey.

“You have this small group of satisfied livestock owners, who might be ecstatic about how successful lethal intervention is on their land,” Francisco Santiago-Ávila, the lead author, said. “While their neighbors are suddenly suffering more losses, and they don’t know why.”

Wolf Deaths and Livestock Attacks

Over the years, confirmed cattle and sheep deaths have increased. The spikes in the number of wolves killed follow repeated incidents of predation on livestock.

Source: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Santiago-Ávila said the combination could result in an inflated perception of the effectiveness and necessity for lethal control. Some studies have found non-lethal wolf deterrents, such as the use of guardian dogs and fencing, to be effective. But they, too, are lacking in solid evidence and their adoption has been inconsistent.

Source: Killing Wolves Might Protect One Farm’s Cows And Sheep At Expense Of Others . News | OPB

WSU blows off Promised Settlement Date with Dr. Robert Wielgus

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WSU blows off Promised Settlement Date with Dr. Robert Wielgus


For Immediate Release: December 28, 2017

Questions can be directed to:

Dr. Robert Wielgus:  Contact Info can be obtained from Protect The Wolves™

Protect The Wolves™ (530) 377-3031   [email protected]

Patricia Herman President Protect The Wolves™

Roger Dobson Director Protect The Wolves™

To Begin with WSU ‘s Dean of Agriculture, Ron Mittelhamer conspired and colluded with wdfw’s wolf policy lead Donny Marorello and Republican Representative Joel Kretz to mislead and lie to the public , the WAG, and the Washington legislature by defaming and discrediting internationally renowned predator ecologist professor Robert Wielgus of Wsu.
Wielgus reported that his legislatively funded research on wolf livestock depredations could be easily avoided in Wa by keeping livestock away from known wolf dens.
Those results were not what Dean Mittlehamer, wdfw Donny Martorello, or Representative Kretz wanted to be reported. So they destroyed the career and laboratory of WSU Professor Wielgus by charging Wielgus with 4 phony charges ( fiscal misappropriation, illegal use of state resources, illegal political lobbying, and scientific misconduct) and denouncing him as a liar and fraud.
  WSU has defamed Wielgus, Wielgus was subsequently exonerated of All 4 charges. Needless to say  WSU has continued targeting Wielgus . Since then his reputation and research laboratory were destroyed and his research salary was withheld and withdrawn by WSU.

All of this comes at the tail end of a 4 month wait, costing Dr. Wielgus even more undue stress and possibly losing his home. Peer initially gave them a 60-day window to review our complaint and decide how they’d like to proceed! Adam Carlesco was told that WSU would like to avoid litigation, and therefore would get back to them ASAP with an idea of a settlement agreement. Guess what People WSU’s  60-day window has passed. WSU asked for a few more days since the attorney handling the case passed away, so Peer out of compassion for their loss gave them some additional time.  Sadly WSU does not appear to care about the undue Stress, heartache, financial loss, and  all of the other drains on Dr. Wielguses health.

WSU’s new attorney got up to speed and claimed he’d get them a counter offer, but then they received nothing by the 22nd as promised which coming from an AG influenced organization isn’t a total surprise. From what Adam understands, the Assistant AG now on the case is a straight-shooter, our local counsel has worked with him and say he’s an honest and good guy – so that implies the issue is WSU and state administrators.

So, in a nutshell this puts Wielgus/ Peer in a tough spot. They have a mediation date set for early Feb, but given that they have not even received a counter offer by the promised date, they are not sure it’s going to be productive anyway. Rob is upset, as is Peer, as are We. So Peer will be filing this suit next week when local counsel gets back into the office.

Nothing should hamper or prevent negotiations while this case sits in federal court, unless WSU continues playing games with Human Lives. Peer conceivably could do both mediation and settlement, however with filing in Federal Court Next week  WSU will know that they are not playing games and hopefully they’ll straighten up since Peer knows they do not want the court precedent or continuing bad press that this case would bring. Protect The Wolves will continue to post on them and their underhanded treatment of Dr. Wielgus until he is vindicated as WSU should have done straight up from the very beginning.

Additionally, since they missed Peer’s deadline, with no remorse it would appear to a prudent individual. Peer will be working with the American Assn. of University Professors (AAUP) to draft up a resolution calling for a vote of “no-confidence” for the administrators running WSU and its Ag influenced school. Given the support the AAUP has had in its previous resolutions against the administration they believe that this could make a big difference while at the same time gather the attention of a number of higher education press outlets – the kind of media that WSU wants to avoid. Combined with the reporter from NY Times Magazine snooping around on this story, it seems that WSU is in for another, bigger black eye and Protect The Wolves™ will stick with this story to help end the Influence on a so called publicly funded Institution.

Our Children as well as their Children need to know when they choose a publicly funded school that they in fact will receive fair treatment. After all, day in and day out We all try to teach our children to be honest upstanding citizens.  It is high time that WSU’s Administrators as well as Washington States Elected Officials are held accountable.  At this point in time, with the influence placed on WSU by Kretz to Throw Wielgus under the bus, It will take  a whole lot of back peddling to get this Black eye off their Faces! Considering Joel Kretz appears to have Violated Washington State LAW. By violating this particular RCW he appears to be guilty of criminal harassment under WA law. RCW 9A.46.020.  by issuing indirect death threats against Dr. Robert Wielgus.



Ranchers/Cows or wolves: Which is the real invasive species? 

Protect The Wolves

Slaughtered Profanity Peak Members Credit Dr. Wielgus. Len McIrvrin was responsible for costing Taxpayers $138,000 on the Profanity Peak alone.

  • Wed Sep 27th, 2017 1:30am

Which is the real invasive species?

For the second time this year, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has announced that it will begin killing more endangered wolves in service of commercial ranching interests in Eastern Washington.

Last month it was the Smackout Pack, and now the Sherman Pack has been targeted by WDFW’s gunners. And again, it is the same rancher who carelessly grazes his cattle on our publicly owned Colville National Forest land. Len McIrvin, the owner of Diamond M Ranch, believes his financial interests are more important than the environmental interests of the majority of the people in this state.

McIrvin was the cause of WDFW’s killing of wolves in the Wedge Pack in 2014 and the Profanity Peak Pack in 2016.

We all know that wolves were prematurely delisted by USFW in eastern Washington for political reasons since there were very few wolves in Washington at that time. There was no logical reason to remove our wolves from the protections of the Endangered Species Act. Although the wolf population is still far from recovered, and there is not a large enough population to expand its range into western part of the state, efforts continue to expose this endangered species to unfettered killing.

Wolves are a critical part of an intact and healthy ecosystem and still need to be protected from human depredation. Our predecessors drove the wolf population to near extinction in the lower 48 states because a lack of knowledge about the important role that wolves played in keeping the environment in balance. We must not repeat that mistake.

There is a continuing effort by the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works to weaken protections for wolves and other endangered species. In addition to this, there are numerous other efforts to specifically to delist wolves throughout the country. This means our modest state protections will be more important than ever.

Even being listed as endangered by the state offers little protection for wolves as they are frequently killed by the state when it determines that there has been a certain level of livestock depredation. Also poachers are an ever-present risk. Several years ago, a resident of Whitman County chased down a wolf in his vehicle and shot and killed it. He admitted that it was not threatening anyone or anything — it just happened to be there. This person took it upon himself to make the decision that a wolf did not belong there and murdered it in cold blood. Instead of the prescribed penalty of a year in jail and $5,000 fine, this poacher settled with the local prosecutor for $100 fine!

Take a moment to contemplate and consider why the Creator placed wolves on this land. Was it to provide a creature for humans to torture and kill, or was it because the wolf has an important role in this world? Humans have made the rules that these animals must abide by even if they are unable to understand those rules. What we have said is that animals have no rights, but they are obligated to respect our rules even as we know that there is no basis for such an understanding. But as sentient beings, they do have rights and we need to respect those rights.

We are all a part of a web of life that we cannot fully understand. Remove one part of that web, and we are all harmed by that loss. We have a moral obligation to preserve and protect all of the life that we share this world with. Remember that we belong to the earth; the earth does not belong to us.

Invasive species are defined as a non-native species of the animal kingdom that are not naturally occurring in Washington State and that pose a risk of harming or threatening the state’s environmental, economic, or human resources. Now, consider wolves, grizzlies, cougars, elk and deer; and then consider sheep and cattle. Ask yourself which of these are native species and which of these are invasive.

The bottom line here is that the citizens of Washington state are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to kill our wolves (an endangered species) to satisfy the wishes of a private business which profits by grazing cattle (an invasive species) on our public lands.

David Linn

Source: Cows or wolves: Which is the real invasive species? | The Daily World

Pay Attention DONNY MARTORELLO, The 9th Circuit Revives Government Action Observer’s Civil Rights Claims

protect the wolves, donny martorello

As we have tried to inform People that it is legal for People to document the Governments actions.

The 9th Circuit Court Confirms that for us.


Donny Martorello, Protect The Wolves™ suggests that you stop intimidating people in Washington State for it is their full and Constitutional right to Document all of your lethal removal action under the Peoples 1st Amendment Right!! The Individual that you Intimidated is a Volunteer Staff Member for Protect The Wolves™ A Native American Religious Group.

This is to inform you WDFW, Donny Martorello, James Unsworth, that if you Intimidate Individuals 1 More time that the Courts will get involved!

“It was a case where volunteers with a nonprofit group were trying to document and observe a government operation on public land from the sidelines without actually protesting or interfering with it,” she said. “That was the key take-away in this case – a reaffirmation that peacefully observing and documenting government conduct in a public place is protected conduct under the First Amendment and Montana citizens cannot be arrested for ‘obstruction’ for exercising this First Amendment right.”

Source: 9th Circuit Revives Bison Observer’s Civil Rights Claims

Protect The Wolves

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