Another Harl Butte Wolf Killed and Still No Transparency

On Friday August 18, 2017  a volunteer for Protect the Wolves spoke to Michelle Dennehy ODFW
Wildlife Communications Coordinator.

Michelle was asked if cattle were roaming and grazing anywhere near wolf dens and she said “I really don’t know.” She was also asked if she knew approximately how many cattle were grazing near known wolf territory,  she answered “I am not sure how many.” Then when asked how many deterrents are being used by livestock producers, Michelle counted carcass removal/cleanup as one and the other was just ONE Range Rider and one volunteer for human presence.

Final question was “Have any more wolves been killed?” Sadly, the answer was yes.  So this is the third Harl Butte wolf that has been lethally removed and they are going after the fourth.  The Department does what the livestock industry asks!

This is unacceptable and our wildlife deserves better. The Wolf Conservation and Management Plan needs to be updated so that critical issues like transparency, accountability, and deployment of non-lethal methods can be fully addressed.

Other staff members have said that the public needs to ask the ODFW Commission to change the policies.

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission consists of seven members appointed by the governor for staggered four-year terms. One commissioner must be from each congressional district, one from east of the Cascades and one from the west of the Cascades.

The Commission was formed July 1, 1975 when the formerly separate fish and wildlife commissions were merged. ODFW consists of the commission, a commission appointed director and a statewide staff of approximately 1000 permanent employees. ODFW operates under ORS chapters 496 through 513. Commissioners formulate general state programs and policies concerning management and conservation of fish and wildlife resources and establishes seasons, methods and bag limits for recreational and commercial take.

Do you have a question or comment for the Commission?

Email: [email protected]

Please CALL GOVERNOR BROWN at 503-378-4582 to update the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan


The livestock industry and others have since relentlessly pushed legislative proposals to make it easier to kill wolves. WOLVES need YOU to ask elected officials to protect them.

Video of Imnaha Wolves in 2010. The Harl Butte wolf pack is now in this territory since the Imnaha wolf pack no longer exists.

More about Oregon wolves here:




A new Senate Sportsmen’s bill, S. 1514, contains a damaging provision targeting gray wolves. This “War on Wolves” legislation would block federal protections for wolves in four states and allow them to be trophy hunted, trapped and otherwise killed.  It would even prevent courts from intervening!

Please take just a minute to call your U.S. senators and tell them you OPPOSE S. 1514 and all other attacks on protections for gray wolves!

If anti-wolf members of Congress get their way, the result will be more dead wolves and a blow to the Endangered Species Act, our nation’s safety net for imperiled species.

Take action now before it’s too late!

Easy to connect here>;jsessionid=00000000.app30103b


Easy action provided by Earthjustice


You can also contact officials here >>>

U.S. Senators –

U.S. Representatives   – Pack slaughter, protect the wolves

Oregon Has Issued Kill Orders On Harl Butte Wolves to Accommodate Livestock Industry Again

“ODFW Conservation” has issued two *more* kill orders on the Harl Butte Pack . . . to accommodate the livestock industry.

Call Governor Brown: (503) 378-4582

Here’s a sample script that I put together. Remember that the person who answers the phone is not the decision maker, so please be kind and respectful.

Sample Script
My name is ____ and I am calling regarding the recent killing of two members of the Harl Butte wolf pack and ODFW’s decision today to kill two more members. I am deeply disappointed and concerned. The outdated wolf plan needs to be updated so that critical issues like transparency, accountability, and deployment of non-lethal methods can be fully addressed. The public deserves better for our wildlife.

If you’d like to follow up on your call by taking additional action, please send Governor Brown a letter using this link.

Thank you.

Danielle Moser
Oregon Wild

Thank you

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Howling for Unity

The Slaughter of Wolves Will Continue

if We Fail to Come Together

Protect The Wolves™
Protect The Wolves™ dares to speak truth, and we do so not because we want to demean fellow advocates or other organizations. We believe that we, as the conservation community, must be willing to look at our actions and admit when we are wrong. Then we must be willing to unite and work as ONE voice. Using Tools that another group may have available that your group may not.

The conservation community has seemingly lost its soul and guiding principles with its actions, or lack of actions, to protect our Sacred wolves in the wild. Almost every group speaks out and says they support wolf recovery yet refuse to acknowledge the outspoken “Grass roots” Groups. Some groups choose to make science a focal point or to work with the livestock industry to find common ground. Others use lawsuits to try and reduce or prevent harm. Yet, many choose not to support a group with tools that can make a significant difference for wolves and other wildlife. Protect The Wolves™ has Native American rights, which are powerful tools we can use to fight for our Sacred Resources.

What conservation groups tend to overlook is that some of their actions, in many ways, have sold out our Sacred wolves in an effort to be reasonable and accommodating. In so doing, they have ultimately supported hunting seasons on wolves once their numbers recover, and lethal removal if there are a handful of cattle depredations. Supporting the notion that we can have a thriving wolf population, as well as zero loss of livestock to wolf depredation is unrealistic. Particularly when the cattle are grazing on public lands in known wolf territory. Which the grazing manager had the Power to shut down to eliminate this problem. Entire wolf packs have been destroyed, in some instances, to reward ranching interests and like-minded politicians. This “walking the fence” mentality represents a green light from the conservation community that says it is okay to defy the science and research that states the destruction of packs is detrimental and ill-advised.

It appears the conservation community is fighting for wolves without embracing their own weaknesses and coming together with strength and unity to protect a necessary Iconic Species that has been Sacred to Traditional thinking “Native Americans” since time immemorial. Our weaknesses are countered by the determined and unwavering voice of ranchers with their typical “OLD WEST” Mentality and their supporters in “Big Ag” and state government. We must get our hands dirty, and bring out the war paint in fighting for wolves. We must continue to apply pressure on our elected officials who yield to rancher interest groups. We must work to prevent individuals from special interest groups or with conflicts of interest to be selected for membership on Fish and Wildlife advisory groups and commissions. They are violating the mandates placed upon them under the Indian and Public trusts, which were put in place to protect our wildlife and natural resources. We must continue to promote education about wolves, even to the tribes. Wolves desperately need and deserve our united and fierce ONE voice!

Howl with Us in UNITY and put your eye back on the End Result the Wildlife and forget that the focus may end up using rights that you may not have available.

Stand with Protect The Wolves!

Protect The Wolves

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