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Joel Kretz campaign loses in PDC case – The Independent

Give it Up Joel Kretz, Stop trying to appear the innocent individual when it appears you have been caught red-handed with your hand stealing from the cookie jar. Washington State needs to vote this greedy threatening individual out of office then file charges against him. People are so on to you and your shady actions that even include Indirect Death Threats against Dr Robert Wielgus... Over $11,000 in fines, fees assessed… A campaign finance lawsuit filed against the political committee that supported the election of Seventh District Legislator Joel Kretz was recently decided in court, with a judge fining the [...]

WSU FOIA Request appears to be collaborating with Donny Martorello WDFW

  WSU FOIA Request appears to be collaborating with Donny Martorello WDFW Recent WSU FOIA Request,  shows that WDFW and WSU were coordinating a joint response against Wielgus; but then WDFW backed out. Which  does not remove them from being GUILTY of collaboration against Dr Wielgus.   WDFW is as dirty as WSU, along with the same elected officials that used their positions to influence WSU to come out against Dr Robert Wielgus. It would appear to a prudent individual, that these are all blatant violations of the Trusts. Donny Martorello clearly needs to be replaced, as well as the Elected officials that [...]

Statisticians counter WSU prof’s findings/ yet Depredations rose after slaughtering wolves

Dr. Wielgus Research was reviewed by PLOS ONE Peers prior to publication! So Called statisticians makes statement " the year after the wolves were killed, livestock attacks went down" We are Curious.... after wiping out wolves last year, depredations in WA rose this year.... What is it that these particular statisticians are smoking? We are Just saying.... It appears there is either Cattle Money or elected official influence behind this latest attack on Dr. Wielgus. right behind Kretzs indirect Death Threats against him,  Joel Kretz appears to have Violated Washington State LAW and By violating this RCW he appears to be guilty of [...]

Complaint Claims Washington Lawmaker Pressured WSU To Punish Wolf Researcher 

Peers Complaint Claims Washington Lawmaker Pressured WSU To Punish Wolf Researcher but it also appears he broke the Law! It appears that Joel Kretz has Violated Washington State LAW. By violating an RCW he appears to be guilty of criminal harassment under WA law. RCW 9A.46.020.  by issuing indirect death threats against Dr. Robert Wielgus along with influencing policy as a special interest Rancher, as well as violating mandates upon him under the public trust. It would appear that Joel Kretz is making Indirect Death Threats to create Hostility Towards Dr. Wielgus A group that advocates for public employees has [...]