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Rep. Dan Fabian, R-Roseau needs to make a decision, he claims he doesnt like pets getting caught in traps… but he traps

  Rep. Dan Fabian, R-Roseau, holds the pelt that hangs in his St. Paul office of the wolf he trapped in Beltrami Island State Forest when Minnesota was able to offer a hunting and trapping season. (Photo/ Don Davis, Forum News Service) Rep. Dan Fabian, R-Roseau needs to make a decision, he claims he doesnt like pets getting caught in traps... but he traps A northwest Minnesota legislator who had the opportunity to trap a gray wolf during the three years the state offered a season said the ongoing wolf debate highlights the split between urban and rural [...]

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Midwest wolves may find themselves in the crosshairs again

Gray wolves in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan could again find themselves in hunters' crosshairs — possibly as soon as this fall if federal protections are removed for the predators. A ruling is expected soon from an appeals court that recently lifted protections for wolves in Wyoming. In Congress, wolf-hunting supporters aren't giving up even though a Minnesota representative was instrumental in killing an effort that would have allowed the three western Great Lakes states to resume wolf hunting. Gray wolves were once hunted to the brink of extinction in most of the country, but they recovered under Endangered Species Act [...]

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The New Threat to Wolves in and Around Yellowstone

The Primary Reason we need to fight even harder for Buffer Zones around all National Parks, Canada is pushing for 50KM, we need to do the same. There only about 1,700 Wolves Left in the Western states of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon and Washington. YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. — The vast, sagebrush-studded valleys in this huge chunk of wild country, teeming with herds of elk and bison, are home these days to 10 packs of wolves. Once among the first species to be listed as endangered, the gray wolf has made a healthy comeback within Yellowstone National Park and its bordering states. [...]

Wyoming Takes Over Wolf Management

It is a pretty bad day when these one-sided legislators are allowed to pass special Interest legislation. We have shown you our research that leads to the path of Success against this. How Long will it take for folks to realize that our research can help our Wildlife in total, not just Wolves alone. Wyoming has no business managing their wolves for any reason after getting busted for selling banned poisons..... Governor Matt Mead announced a Federal Appeals Court entered its final order, upholding Wyoming’s Wolf Management Plan. Penny Preston reports the US Fish and Wildlife Service will make it [...]

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