Oppose Hound Hunting

//Oppose Hound Hunting

“I had no idea” 

  Advocates for wolves and other animals often hear "I had no idea" from people when they find out about how many wolves are slaughtered in certain states or how it is even possible that killing contests could be legal.  Many find it shocking and so hard to believe.   An example is in the state of Wisconsin, killing contests are perfectly legal. It is a form of “recreation,” turning killing into a scoring “sport,” is completely legal in Wisconsin and actively encouraged. This is occurring all over the state. The contests usually include who can kill the most and [...]

Animal rights group, Native Americans to meet in Atascadero to oppose hunting amendment 

California Fish and Game Commission meets in Atascadero, allowing GPS tracking on hunting dogs is on the agenda –The California Fish and Game Commission is meeting in Atascadero Oct 11-12. One of the items on the agenda is discussing proposed changes to the California Mammal Hunting Regulations section 265 that governs the use of dogs for pursuing or taking of mammals. The change proposes to allow the use of GPS-equipped dog collars and treeing switches on hunting dogs, a move that is opposed by both animal protection organizations and Native American groups. A tree switch is a device that sends a signal when a [...]

Alert—Written or Oral Comments Needed to CA Fish and Game Commission

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CALIF FISH AND WILDLIFE MEETING ON OCT 11, WED,2017 AT THE MARRIOT SPRINGHILL SUITES, ATASCADERO, CALIF Subject: CA Fish and Game Commission Considers GPS Collars on Dogs to Hunt Mammals A proposed Fish and Game regulation amendment that will allow hound hunters to use GPS collars and treeing switches on dogs to hunt mammals or to train will be discussed at their meeting next week Atascadero (Oct 11, 2017). After over a year of contentious debate, last year the FGC approved an amendment to allow GPS collars and tree switches for hound hunting of mammals and dog training.  Due [...]