New Oregon wolf management plan, which governs killing, delayed after concerns expressed 

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Oregon’s long-awaited update to how the state manages its still-rebounding wolf population will have to wait until February at the earliest.

Fish and Wildlife commissioners decided Friday to push back a scheduled January vote on the five-year governing document for the canid, the first comprehensive update to the wolf plan since 2010.

It wasn’t immediately clear if commissioners would vote on a plan in February, as the agenda already includes an update on the threatened marbled murrelet seabird population.

Wolves were removed from the state’s endangered species list in 2015. The management plan sets rules for how and when wolves can be killed, a hot topic for ranchers in eastern Oregon as the animals continue to rebound after being hunted to near extinction in the 1940s.

Friday’s delay came after more than an hour of testimony from invited panels of environmental groups and hunters and ranchers — where both sides of the bitter fight expressed various concern about the proposed plan.

Environmental groups argued that the plan included inconsistencies about how many confirmed attacks on livestock are needed before an animal can be killed, and opened the door to authorized hunting through a newly created “special permit agent” process where private citizens could carry out approved wolf kills.

Source: New Oregon wolf management plan, which governs killing, delayed after concerns expressed |

Two wolves Poached in Eastern Washington

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Two wolves in Eastern Washington were killed in November, likely the victims of poaching.

The wolves were both females. At least one was killed in Stevens County.

According to state officials, the wolves were collared by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The collar on one of them had stopped working and wildlife officers checked the last known coordinate. They found the wolf shot dead.

The wolves are members of the Smackout and Dirty Shirt packs.

WDFW currently has no leads for suspects.

Source: | Two wolves shot dead in Eastern Washington

Wolves Need a Christmas Miracle

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 Wolves Need a Christmas Miracle!

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Yellowstone Wildlife need our Proposed Sacred Resource Protection Zone, State Wildlife Managers like Martorello and Brown need to get removed from their positions based on their pandering to the Old West Mentality and refusing to Ignore Science as their Mission clearly states.

As One Voice, We CAN PUT 1 STATE IN COURT EACH MONTH! Our Attorneys  are Ready to start letting the arrows fly. Join Us Today before it is too late tomorrow.

The situation with our wolves is grave, the killing by poachers is escalating to an alarming rate, if we do not join as 1 Voice to stop this there will be no more wolf advocate pages because there will be nothing left to fight for!

Unfortunately it takes money and if you can afford just $5 to donate towards funding for lawyers fees we might just stand a chance! I know times are hard right now trust me and $5 can feed you for one day, I am not asking anyone to put a hardship on themselves, I’m not trying to lay a guilt trip on any of you, I don’t work that way. But if everyone one on here can just scrap up $5 then we can come to the table with a lawyer! This fight can not be one without one.

I know the holidays are approaching and families will gather to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas and this is a lot to ask of you all at this time but know this we can’t do it without your help!

They have the money they have the star power behind them and yet what are they doing? Yeah zip and as I type this a poacher has his rifle aimed at yet another wolf!!

Please find it in your hearts to help, help us stop this slaughter!
Thank you.
~Patricia 🐺

Northwest wildlife managers say they use lethal control, in part, to increase people’s willingness to tolerate wolves.

We here at Protect The Wolves™ would have to ask a prudent individual how they see this Wildlife Managers Statement. What sort of Individual would think that slaughtering leads to a willingness to tolerate? Sure if your an Old West Mentality Rancher that is too lazy to properly teach his herd predator awareness.

Sounds alot like CDFW where we reported a dead carcass in October to their only so-called Wolf Biologist that answered over a month later that he was unaware. People like him that refuse to accept the truth, then act on it, truly have no business managing the Publics resources!

Northwest wildlife managers say they use lethal control, in part, to increase people’s willingness to tolerate wolves.

Above Statement sounds more like they are only interested in perpetuating the “Old West Mentality” that was kill everything. Along with their recent actions of refusing to allow or invite public comment on issues like their new lethal protocol both in Washington as well as Oregon. Clearly their new slaughter protocol was put in place for special interest elected officials such as Dashiell or Kretz in Wa. Kretz who has been seen outright publicly issuing indirect DEATH Threats against Dr. Robert Wielgus.

WDFW is now blaming lower Ungulate Populations on predators, what a sad joke that they are pushing this off on Predators! Perhaps they should consider shutting off hunting seasons for everything.


Managing wolves in the West is as much about politics, economics and emotion as it is about science.

“Sometimes you view it as being between a rock and a hard place, or being yelled at from both sides,” said Derek Broman, carnivore and furbearer coordinator for Oregon Fish and Wildlife. “I like to say it’s balance.”

To balance the costs of killing wolves, ecological needs and the concerns of ranchers and wolf advocates, it’s the policy of both Oregon and Washington to kill wolves incrementally — starting with one or two at a time. But in making that compromise between preserving wolves and preventing livestock damage, they’ve taken a course of action that scientific evidence suggests could achieve neither.

Policies and practices in both states go against a growing body of research casting doubt on the overall effectiveness of killing predators.

Neither state follows recent recommendations from top researchers that their efforts to control predators be conducted as well-designed scientific studies. And neither follows the primary recommendation from the research most often used as evidence, which found killing most or all of a pack is the most effective form of “lethal control” to reduce ranchers’ damages.

Instead, some scientists and advocates say, Oregon and Washington are risking harm to the Northwest’s wolf population without ever reducing predation on cattle and sheep.

“Oregon and Washington may be playing with fire in their incremental control approach,” said professor Adrian Treves, who founded the Carnivore Coexistence Lab at the University of Wisconsin. “Not only is there very little evidence for the effectiveness of lethal methods, but there are more studies that find counterproductive effects of lethal control, namely that you get higher livestock losses afterward.”

Northwest wildlife managers say they use lethal control, in part, to increase people’s willingness to tolerate wolves. Treves said there’s little data to support that it’s actually helping shape public opinion to accept wolf reintroduction. In fact, Treves has published research suggesting otherwise: that government-sanctioned killing of wolves may actually embolden individuals to illegally do the same.

Source: Is the Northwest’s approach to wolves destined to fail?

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