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A Result of Alaskas poor management practices- a wolf pack beloved for decades has vanished

For decades, the wolves of the storied East Fork pack were beloved by researchers and tourists alike at Alaska's Denali National Park. They frequented the park's entrance and roads and became the stars of family vacation photos. For decades, the wolves of the storied East Fork pack were beloved by researchers and tourists alike at Alaska’s Denali National Park. They frequented the park’s entrance and roads and became the stars of hundreds of thousands of family vacation photos. Since the 1930s, scientists have documented every detail of the pack’s lives: their hunting ranges, mating rituals, even the content of their droppings. They traced family [...]

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This Data refutes the widespread belief among hunters that high harvests can’t occur absent aggressive management.

Alaska's intensive game management isn't working In 1994, the state Legislature passed the Intensive Management Law. This statute contains 317 words excluding definitions, less than one-half page of text. Remarkably few words for a law that is unique to Alaska, that transformed wildlife management here, that led to application of drastic, extreme predator control programs featuring aerial shooting of wolves by private pilots, gassing of wolf pups in dens, trapping of bears, shooting bears from helicopters and sale of bear body parts. After 22 years of intensive management, maybe now it's time to carefully examine this practice — to identify [...]

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With a DISGUSTING round of Howls, Michigan’s Elected Officials ignore their Voters 

LANSING, MI -- The Michigan Legislature has a message for the wolves of the Upper Peninsula: You're fair game. On Wednesday, Dec. 14, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a bill that would allow the state Natural Resources Commission to designate a hunting season on gray wolves if federal protections on the animals are ever dropped. The bill passed the Senate on Dec. 8 and moves to Gov. Rick Snyder, who must sign the bill before it becomes law. It comes less than a month after an appeals court struck down a ruling that upheld the state's designation of wolves [...]

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 New Nonlethal Deterrent Flash bang Tested- no more wolves at the door 

Police and game officials report that non-lethal explosive charges have been successfully used to convince wolves to stay away from a residential area of Ylivieska in the region of Northern Ostrobothnia where they had been roaming all autumn. At the end of November, police decided to do something about two wolves that had been repeatedly approaching homes and farms in the Niemenlänkylä district of Ylivieska. The local fish and game association also reported that a dog had been killed by a wolf in a nearby residential area. Last spring, when wolves were frequenting Niemenlänkylä, efforts to run them off were [...]

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