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Joel Kretz campaign loses in PDC case – The Independent

Give it Up Joel Kretz, Stop trying to appear the innocent individual when it appears you have been caught red-handed with your hand stealing from the cookie jar. Washington State needs to vote this greedy threatening individual out of office then file charges against him. People are so on to you and your shady actions that even include Indirect Death Threats against Dr Robert Wielgus... Over $11,000 in fines, fees assessed… A campaign finance lawsuit filed against the political committee that supported the election of Seventh District Legislator Joel Kretz was recently decided in court, with a judge fining the [...]


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Idaho tax dollars spent to kill wolves

Idaho Tax Dollars would have been better spent on educating our Children, rather than wasting it to insure Ranchers get to line their pockets.  Even with Wolves not being the top predator as stated by IDFG of Elk, theyd still lead the public to believe that they are... Until they get put on front street with statements they have made in the media.   What has Idaho’s Tax money gotten us? Since 2014, Wildlife Services has killed 136 wolves after livestock deaths, and another 41 wolves from helicopters in the Lolo country to aid elk. During that time, 207 cattle [...]

Coexistence is key!

The USDA releases a death census for the cattle industry every 5 years and tracks how many cattle have died and from what causes. The results are less sensational than one might expect; dust and shipping stress kill three times more cattle than all predators combined. So the last census for the entire U.S was in December of 2015--- Cattle losses were due to non-predator causes was 98 percent. Respiratory problems accounted for the highest percentage of deaths in both cattle and calves. Pneumonia and shipping fever were given as examples of respiratory problems. Almost 24 percent of cattle deaths [...]

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