Sacred Resource Protection Zone

//Sacred Resource Protection Zone

It is time that Ranchers are stopped from influencing management of Public Resources

Located within this article is recent wolf killing that will show you that Yellowstone Wolves will need us to get our "Sacred Resource Protection zone" established around National Parks. Also Within the Below article, Fish and game along with Ranchers will show you that they should not be allowed to manage the publics resources without asking for public input, but then be required to implement the majority Opinion. Ranchers complain about Deer populations.... what will happen? FG will increase slaughter. It is past time that the Majority stop allowing the ranching minority to influence the management of the publics resources. [...]

Conservationist Response to Custer Gallatin National Forest Wilderness Recommendations 

  We need to let the USFS hear from Us all. Please send your emails to the email listed below. Click the picture to be taken to all information. USFS needs to also consider  the value of tourism that Yellowstone brings to Montana. This area borders Yellowstone, and Our Proposed Sacred Resource Protection Zone needs to be seriously considered. Montana Game and Fish has not even bothered to respond yet. Conservationist Response to Custer Gallatin National Forest Wilderness Recommendations by GEORGE WUERTHNER on FEBRUARY 1, 2018 The Custer Gallatin National Forest a key part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. And is revising its Forest [...]

Montana fish and Game Included petition

    Comment Period Ends Today, please get your comments in at Post your comments in Box #2. MFWP Tracking Number:05232017   To request a change to regulations under the authority of the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks MFWP We are requesting that this Petition be considered at the next Meeting.             SECTION I:   Person or organization requesting the change Organization: Protect The Wolves™ Pack a Native American Group   Name of primary contact person: Roger Dobson, Director of Media. Patricia Herman, President Address: 27946 Henry Mayo, Castaic CA 91384 Telephone number: 406-219-8690 Email address: [...]

F4WM–Foundation For Wildlife Management | Appears to be Offering Bounty for Wolves

Protect The Wolves™ is Investigating the Legal aspects in Idaho on this Organization. It appears that they are claiming they are working with IDFG, which should be illegal in itself. We need to let IDFG know we dissapprove of their working with this Organization, then take them to court to get them SHUT DOWN!!! Managing Wolves is Expensive and Hard Work according to these ruthless killers F4WM helps hunters and trappers actively manage wolves by reimbursing them for their operational costs. Trappers easily spend thousands of dollars in fuel, time, and effort while continously checking traps in the backcountry. Without their dedication, wolf populations [...]