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BLM’s Welfare Ranching come with a huge price tag… Over $1 Billion Over Past Decade

BLM’s Welfare Ranching come with a huge price tag… Not to mention Cattle Money Influence on Our Politicians Sadly on landscapes around the world, environmental change is bringing people and large carnivores together. This union is not without its problems, Human-wildlife conflict is on the rise as development continues unabated and apex predators begin to reoccupy a tiny bit of their former ranges. Further complicating matters, many of these Ranchers that are crying about loosing Money need to remember their grazing allotments are not only almost free... so they have no cash expenditure for 5- 6 months of the year.... in some [...]

How Wolves are Helping Nature Thrive 

Gary Belovsky, director of the University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center (UNDERC), and David Flagel, assistant director at UNDERC-West in Montana, conducted several studies on the cascade effects that grey wolves at UNDERC-East, located within Wisconsin and Michigan, would have on the area’s ecosystem. The researchers looked at how both coyotes and whitetail deer reacted to the wolves’ presence, as well as how their food sources – small animals and plants – might benefit. Whether it’s because of folklore or wolf attack stories from Asia or Europe, wolves get a bad rap. However, the grey wolves found in Canada [...]

Joel Kretz Crooked Rancher intros House bill to take gray wolves off Washington’s endangered species list

Anyone who has followed Protect The Wolves® already know that Washington State representative Joel Kretz has been proven a Rancher Supporter as well as outright bragging on his Facebook page, "He still has time to kill something". We have to ask you how such a mentality has been elected? It is a pretty sad day when a self proclaimed wolf killer gets elected to any office. If the truth were known, he most likely gets a ton of donations to his campaign from Big Dollar Cattle Money. We also need to Oppose Welfare Ranchers like McIrvrin. OLYMPIA – State representative Joel [...]

Sherriff Maycumber has deputized a trapper and will consult with state wildlife managers about the threat the pack poses

Donny Martorello really needs to clip Ferry Counties wings.... or he is useless!! Maycumber is breeding fear... Probably what has been seen are coyotes like what was confirmed to have attacked the ladies dog by WDFW. What a Rocket scientist she was saying it weighed 180 lbs... The Ferry County Sheriff’s Office will monitor the remnants of the Profanity Peak pack in northeastern Washington, watching to see whether the wolves come into conflict with livestock, people or pets, according to Sheriff Ray Maycumber. Maycumber in an email Thursday confirmed that his office was taking a “defensive position” now that the [...]