Outrage as Sweden’s majestic wolves set for culling after court ruling 

SWEDISH wolves will be culled after animal welfare activists lost the battle to stop the massacre in court. On Friday, a Supreme Administrative Court announced plans to shoot 24 wolves could go ahead, despite massive protests it could lead to the extinction of the magnificent beasts in the Scandinavian country. Torbjorn Nilsson, the President of the Swedish Association predators, hit out against the ruling as he said the Swedish wolf population was already so low it could compromise its future in the wild. He said: “I think it's an unfortunate and surprising decision. “It is unfortunate because the wolf population [...]

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CATTLE MONEY works the same in Sweden allows wolf hunt despite outcry 

  Wolves in Sweden. Photo: Yvonne Åsell/SvD/TT Appears Rancher influence is alive and well in Sweden Also. It is a Sad day when People allow GREED to win out over the species that were here long before us. A top Swedish court has allowed the hunting of 24 wolves early in 2017 in a decision slammed by environmental campaigners who fear a shooting spree could put the species at risk. "This is an unfortunate and surprising decision," Torbjörn Nilsson, chairman of the Swedish Carnivore Association (Rovdjursföreningen), said in a statement. The Surpreme Administrative Court of Sweden ruled that [...]

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Sweden’s wild wolf numbers going down 

Sweden's population of wolves is declining, with experts announcing on Wednesday that there are currently an estimated 340 left in the country, down by 20 percent from the previous year. The figures were presented by Sweden's Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket), which every winter counts the wildlife population to keep tabs on wolves, bears, lynxes and wolverines in the country. It said that a licensed cull on wolves, as well as natural factors such as birth and death rates, had contributed to the falling numbers. “In our inventory, we see that there are many [wolf] territories, but that the number of [...]

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Wild wolf caught on camera for 1st time in Sweden (VIDEO) 

An elusive wild wolf roaming around Sweden has been caught on camera for the first time ever in the Scandinavian country. Recorded in the rural village of Lonsboda, it’s rare for such sightings at all, let alone capturing it on video. The estimated population of Swedish wild wolves stands at just over 400, according to Sweden's Environmental Protection Agency, but local authorities wanted to pin down how many were roaming the lands of the Skane region, so they set up a number of hidden cameras. "We have also secured droppings from the wolf, which we have sent for analysis," said Skåne's [...]

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