Parliamentarians crack down on wolves – Switzerland

Lawmakers in canton Uri have passed a parliamentary recommendation calling for stricter measures to cope with wolves. The recommendation, put forward by members of the conservative right Swiss People’s Party, passed in the cantonal parliament with 41 votes in favour, 16 against, and three abstentions on Wednesday. The goal of the recommendation is to reduce damage caused by wolves, with “wolf-free zones”, for example. Those opposed to the recommendation argued that “wolf-free” was a bad label for a canton dependent on tourism. “Do we want to build a wall?” asked leftwing Social Democratic parliamentarian Toni Moser, pointing out that a [...]

Culprit sought in illegal wolf shooting in Switzerland

Local authorities have filed a complaint following the discovery of a dead wolf in canton Valais. Wolves are a protected species in Switzerland – a policy upheld in parliament just days ago. A fisherman had found the carcass on the bank of the River Rhone near Raron earlier this month. On Saturday, Canton Valais authorities confirmed that the animal weighing 34.5 kg was indeed a male wolf. It is not clear how long ago he was shot. The Pathological Institute at the University of Bern will examine the body to determine more details about the death. A DNA analysis will [...]

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Eco groups protest over wolf death sentence

An official shoot-to-kill order on a wolf which has slaughtered 44 sheep in the canton of Valais is “illegal” say wildlife groups, as the sheep were not sufficiently protected. Switzerland orders death of sheep-killing wolf (14 Aug 15) Sheep-eating lynx spared the bullet (25 Jul 13) WWF and Pro Natura are objecting to the kill order, imposed on September 1st, against the wolf known to be living in the Turtmann valley, reported newspaper the Tribune de Genève. According to the organizations, the sheep-grazing pastures where the wolf has been seen had no protection measures in force to guard the flocks. “Even the simplest [...]

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