‘Wolf Totem’ offers majestic vistas and real wolves

‘Wolf Totem’ offers majestic vistas and real wolves With its sweeping Mongolian panoramas and majestic, real-life wolf packs, “Wolf Totem” should lure lovers of nature into the theater. But director Jean-Jacques Annaud’s 3-D action drama will also repel them, for this is the sad, bloody tale of a campaign to eradicate wolves from the steppes they once ruled. The movie is based on the semi-autobiographical 2004 novel by Jiang Rong (a pseudonym for Lu Jiamin). Raised in Beijing, he became a herder-hunter in Inner Mongolia during the late-1960s Cultural Revolution, when young, educated Chinese were dispatched to the hinterlands for [...]

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Alaska Decides It’s Fine to Kill Endangered Wolves

How is it ok for a state to approve killing of an endangered animal???? The state of Alaska has announced that it plans to allow a wolf hunt on Prince of Wales Island, despite recent evidence that the Alexander Archipelago wolf population on the island is in danger of extinction. In July, environmental groups asked the state to close the hunting and trapping season in response to a June report by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game showing alarmingly low levels of wolves the island. Instead of canceling the hunt, the state is allowing the harvest of nine wolves. [...]

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New wolves seen in Switzerland

A second pack of wolves has been spotted in Switzerland. They were seen in the southern canton of Ticino. A group of the animals were already known to be in the mountains between cantons Graubünden and St Gallen in the south-east of the country. Canton Ticino confirmed a family of wolves – one adult and three cubs – had been seen and photographed. Wolves were first seen in Ticino in recent times 14 years ago and have been spotted since on a few occasions. This latest discovery brings the total number of wolves in Switzerland to 18. WWF Switzerland said [...]

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Wolves and livestock can live in harmony | The Sacramento Bee

By 1924, wolves in California had been completely driven from the lands that they called home for centuries – hunted, trapped and slaughtered to near-extinction. Now it looks like wolves are finally making their way back home to the Golden State where they belong. California is graced with rich areas of suitable habitat that can and will support a healthy wolf population, and wolves clearly want to return. Pamela Flick Having trekked last summer in a remote part of Siskiyou County where the now-famous wolf OR-7 traversed – and where officials announced last week a second gray wolf was spotted – I [...]

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