Babysitting Cute Wolf Pups With the adults gone Gordon tries to get a closer look at the wolf pups and see if he can spot any differences between them. Taken from Snow Wolf Family And Me.

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Precious Wolf Dogs Smother Owner With Welcome Kisses (VIDEO) A woman named Sarah just might be the luckiest dog owner in the world, judging by the greeting she gets from her wolf dogs when she returns home. No lie, this is a step above the type of reception your usual domestic dog doles out. In this video, Sarah is greeted by her two precious wolf dogs, Spruce and Cochise, who are so overcome with joy that they basically maul her with kisses and hugs. Generally, being smothered has a bad connotation (unless we’re talking about foods smothered in any number of sauces), but I don’t think I’d mind [...]

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