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Joel Kretz needs to be removed from Office!

After Reading Dr Wielgus Complaint it is quite clear that Rep Joel Kretz needs to be removed from Office! Joel Kretz is clearly managing Washington States Resources  as a special Interest Cattle Rancher! Joel Kretz's own actions appear to have placed him in Direct Violation of the mandates placed upon him under the Public Trust. His own personal comments would lead a Prudent individual to call his ethics into question. In 2015, following presentation of the Lab’s wolf/livestock research results to the Legislature, Rep. Kretz reiterated to former President Floyd that his express goal was to shut down the Lab [...]

Kretz receives lifetime award from state’s premier hunting heritage organization – Joel Kretz

Joel Kretz.... the Elected Official that openly brags he has 45 minutes left to kill something .... these people have some warped idea of what Conservation is! They certainly do not know how to manage the publics resources for the benefit of the Public... Kretz is Violating the trusts in only promoting Special Interest Rancher Concerns like McIrvrin. The Mentality exhibited is deplorable from an elected official that only works for special interests. ‘There was a time for much of my childhood where being indoors meant you were either sleeping or in trouble, and I didn’t care for neither,’ says Kretz [...]

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Joel Kretz Washington State Representative appears to be an outright Liar with a 70 head loss statement alone!!

Joel Kretz is no authority... Obviously with his open bragging on Facebook at 11:17 PM already dark.... he says he still has 45 minutes to kill something, should tell an intelligent person all they need to know about this narrow minded Rancher. His statement that claims 1 Rancher lost over 70 head this year alone.... Protect The Wolves CALLS BULLSH%$. The only Rancher that supposedly was Targeted by the Profanity Peak Pack WDFW said possibly lost 15 head....  To an Intelligent individual,  Joel Kretz would appear to be an outright Liar with that statement alone!! Joel Kretz Must be in [...]

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Joel Kretz and is trying to fake the non Support of HB1872

CALL TO ACTION: It is time to "light up" Washington States  Speaker's switchboard DONT FORGET TO CALL GOOD OL JOEL KRETZ Our Follower says: I was surprised to hear Joel Kretz and McCart and a few others say "I know this bill won't go anywhere...." Let's pretend there's no agreement to move it forward, hunh? Protect The Wolves® is not surprised... Joel Kretz braggs right on his own facebook page he still has 45 minutes to kill something. One Of Our Followers went to Olympia today to listen to the hearing on HB 1872, the regional wolf delisting bill. There is some bs [...]

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