Oppose Welfare Ranching

//Oppose Welfare Ranching

Feds’ Discounted Grazing Fees Hurt Taxpayers, Environment, Report Says 

FEDS’ DISCOUNTED GRAZING FEES HURT TAXPAYERS,   ENVIRONMENT, REPORT SAYS Private ranchers get a discount of up to 80% from the market price for grazing rights, says a report from the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. The deal amounts to a subsidy for the livestock industry, according to the report. As the Trump administration decreases fees for ranchers that graze livestock on public lands, a group of public employees says that illegal grazing on federal land is rampant across the West. “While heavily subsidized grazing is not new to this administration, reducing low fees even further is a step in the [...]

For Immediate Release: Washington State Attorney General Attacks Tribal Sovereignty Again: Challenges Skokomish Tribe’s ownership of a River 

For Immediate Release: Redding Ca For Questions: Patricia Herman President Protect The Wolves™ (530) 377-3031 Roger Dobson Director of Grants (530) 377-3031 [email protected]   Protect The Wolves™ just reached out to "Guy" Miller, Skokomish Tribal Chairman, after seeing the blatant disregard for the law with continued Discrimination, and stating that they could bait the Federal Government to take action because they can not sue Native American Tribes. Skokomish Tribal Chairman Charles “Guy” Miller has requested that Protect The Wolves™ address the Tribal Council in an upcoming Tribal Council meeting with the documented proof that we have that Washington States Attorney General has [...]

WSU blows off Promised Settlement Date with Dr. Robert Wielgus

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   WSU blows off Promised Settlement Date with Dr. Robert Wielgus   For Immediate Release: December 28, 2017 Questions can be directed to: Dr. Robert Wielgus:  Contact Info can be obtained from Protect The Wolves™ Protect The Wolves™ (530) 377-3031   [email protected] Patricia Herman President Protect The Wolves™ Roger Dobson Director Protect The Wolves™ To Begin with WSU 's Dean of Agriculture, Ron Mittelhamer conspired and colluded with wdfw's wolf policy lead Donny Marorello and Republican Representative Joel Kretz to mislead and lie to the public , the WAG, and the Washington legislature by defaming and discrediting internationally [...]

Thank You Capital Press for pointing out the Cost of Welfare Ranchers

Thank You Capital Press for pointing out the Cost of Welfare Ranchers It is beyond time that we wean Welfare Ranchers from the teet, and keep them out of our National Forests. In 2014, $143.6 million was directly appropriated to the grazing program (an amount that's been consistent over the last 10 years). Some quick math reveals that, on average, public lands ranchers paid just $376 for what cost taxpayers $6,838 last year. Please Consider Joining Protect The Wolves™ Movement to end Welfare Ranchers receiving Taxpayer subsidies. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife spent $15,097 to kill a wolf last summer in the Sherman pack, [...]