Coexistence is key!

The USDA releases a death census for the cattle industry every 5 years and tracks how many cattle have died and from what causes. The results are less sensational than one might expect; dust and shipping stress kill three times more cattle than all predators combined. So the last census for the entire U.S was in December of 2015--- Cattle losses were due to non-predator causes was 98 percent. Respiratory problems accounted for the highest percentage of deaths in both cattle and calves. Pneumonia and shipping fever were given as examples of respiratory problems. Almost 24 percent of cattle deaths [...]

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“I had no idea”

  Advocates for wolves and other animals often hear "I had no idea" from people when they find out about how many wolves are slaughtered in certain states or how it is even possible that killing contests could be legal.  Many find it shocking and so hard to believe.   An example is in the state of Wisconsin, killing contests are perfectly legal. It is a form of “recreation,” turning killing into a scoring “sport,” is completely legal in Wisconsin and actively encouraged. This is occurring all over the state. The contests usually include who can kill the most and [...]

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A letter from a hunter that knows the importance of wolves in Wisconsin and opposes wolf poaching Bill

  Letter: Bills targeting wolf populations need to be stopped Letter to the editor  Published Jan. 27, 2018 I wanted to provide my opinions on S.B. 602/A.B. 712 as a scholar studying conservation, and as an avid hunter who is appalled by these bills. S.B. 602/A.B. 712 would prevent Wisconsin law enforcement officers from enforcing or attempting to enforce any federal or state law relating to wolf management or the illegal killing of wolves; along with preventing the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources from expending any funds for wolf management, or informing or supporting federal law enforcement officers regarding the [...]

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Wisconsin Fails to Consult Tribes

  Wisconsin Law Makers need to get a huge Wake Up Call. They need to learn that 1 they can not ignore Federal Law, 2 they can not choose not to prosecute those that Poach. 3 they need to get called out for discriminating against Native American Religious Rights!   “The Wisconsin legislators who sponsored this bill have embarrassed the citizens of Wisconsin to the world.” ~ Bob Boucher, citizen who testified against bill Rep. Joel Kleefisch, chair of the state Assembly's Committee on Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage, held a hearing Jan. 10 on AB712, a bill sponsored by Rep. [...]