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//Protect The Grizzly

Surrounded: Bears hemmed in by cows on public land 

  Welfare Ranchers affect Grizzly bears just like wolves. Grazing allotments need to be banned period! Taxpayers end up footing the bill for these individuals... to the tune of Millions each year!! Much has been said lately about the United States Fish and Wildlife Service's rush to remove Endangered Species Act protections from grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Articles and letters have discussed the significant numbers of bears that have been killed due to “conflicts.” These bears are often labeled as “problem bears.” Grizzly bear detractors talk about bears getting into “trouble” and “showing up where they are [...]

For Immediate Release illegal Trap catches Grizzly near Lily Lake, Wyoming

EVERYONE watch yourselves in the Lily Lake Wyoming area for illegal Traps and a pissed off Grizzly Bear from being caught in an illegal trap. All the more reason for not only our Sacred Resource Protection Zone, but outlawing Traps simply due to the fact that they not only hurt peoples pets, but Species still listed as Endangered!! All of us are concerned about The Grizzly de-listing as well as The Sacred Resource Protection Zone. Here is another prime example of Wyoming is not capable of managing Sacred Resources!! They cant even control their trappers. Traps need to be outlawed period! [...]

Wyoming tribes propose wolf-hunt buffer zone | Wyoming News |

JACKSON, Wyo. — A Native American advocacy group is asking Wyoming wildlife managers for a ban on killing wolves along a wide swath of land bordering Yellowstone National Park. A request sent to the Wyoming Fish and Game Department seeks a temporary suspension of wolf hunting altogether and a 31-mile no-hunting "sacred resource protection safety zone" along the outskirts of the 2.2 million-acre park in northwest Wyoming. Protect the Wolves Director Roger Dobson said Wyoming's insistence on allowing unregulated hunting of wolves outside areas where wolves are still protected was a motivation for approaching the state. "It goes to show [...]

The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation 

Protect The Wolves™ would like to point out that CWD is a disease brought here by North Americas First Immigrants! Article by Deidre Bainbridge My frustration is the same. There is no science that it is better to stop feeding the elk when it is a fact they will die without feed and this winter they would have died by the 1,000’s. That catastrophic loss would have been justified by you and yours to avoid a disease that has questionable impact on elk populations and is in fact not density dependent. Please see below The North American Model of Wildlife [...]