Protect Wyoming Grizzlies

//Protect Wyoming Grizzlies

Have a say on Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Strategic Plan Public Input Forum.

Now is your chance to have a say if you think Wyoming should be killing our essential keystone predators. You do not have to be from Wyoming to comment. Please be respectful, but you can be firm on your stance. Some of the questions Wyoming Fish and Game are asking the public are: What do you see as the most important issues or concerns related specifically to large carnivore/predator management (large carnivores in Wyoming include wolves, grizzly and black bears, and mountain lions)? Why? What direction should the Wyoming Game and Fish Department be going in with regard to hunting? [...]

Petition asking for YNP wolf hunting buffer | Local News |

Referring to wolves as “a sacred resource,” a Native American lobbying group last Wednesday delivered a petition to Game and Fish at a public informational session in Laramie. The Protect the Wolves Pack is asking the department and the Game and Fish Commission to draw a 31-mile no-hunting buffer zone around Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks when it arranges for hunting seasons this fall. Speaking for the group, Roger Dobson said killing wolves is an affront to Native-American religion. “We don’t disrespect the white maan’s Bible,” Dobson said. “They should not disrespect our wildlife. It’s got to stop.” Management [...]

Protect The Wolves™ Pack Welcomes Volunteer Staff Member from Wyoming

Good Morning to Everyone, We would like to extend a Heartfelt Howl out  to new Volunteer Staff Member Vicki Markus from Wyoming. Vicki will be hand delivering our Petition at the Next Public Wyoming Game and Fish Meeting in Laramie, Wyoming, on May 24th. Erik Molvar Director Western Watersheds Project will be Joining her at the meeting.   Below you will see the updated Petition as well as their rushed meeting schedule. Please consider Reading and supporting our Research to stop these Crooked Politicians. If your able Please consider supporting it with a Gift while helping relocate 34 wolves Today. 54,500 followers have the [...]

Fluent English Chinese Translator needed for 2 Legal petition Projects

Protect The Wolves™ is reaching out to all followers in search of Translation from: 1. English to Chinese 2. English to Japanese 3. English to Russian 4. English to any additional Language Possible. 5. English to Hungarian Kriszta Frescke has Volunteered for. We are in search of Translators that would be willing to Translate out Legal Regulation Petitions to additional Languages. We have 1 Currently for Wyoming to Petition for Regulation Changes surrounding not only Yellowstone National Park, but all national Parks with regards to Trophy hunting right up to Park Boundaries. These practices are a blatant disregard of our [...]